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Community Managers Firmly Take Their Seat on the Front-Line

by · January 28, 2013

As digital marketing evolves we are seeing more formal social media roles emerge within companies. This could mean that as companies are taking social media more seriously they are hiring individuals with sole responsibility for social media functions, rather than simply adding it to the plate of already overwhelmed employees. We’ve seen titles such as Social Media Strategist, Social Media Director, Social Media Manager, Community Director and Community Manager become more common place. However, the lines between these roles are still blurred as companies try to figure out the skill sets they need while balancing that with the budget they have available. Many times that makes hiring difficult as job descriptions commonly seek an all-in-one solution for social media. The challenge with that approach is that the all-in-one solution is trying to hire the skills that are difficult to find in a single person. Therefore, in appreciation of Community Manager Day, we seek to bring clarity to the role of the Community Manager for organizations.


Community Managers: Whose Best Interests Do You Serve?

by · October 26, 2010

The “Wild West” of social media is upon us. Brands are staking their ground in the proverbial gold rush – it’s an all out land grab. From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, there are new industry positions being created left and right to quantify specific disciplines. (Typically, these job titles usually end with the word “strategist.”)

In this digital age where the public/private line is intertwined and customers are so connected, brands are feeling the pressure to add a community manager position to navigate them through this tumultuous time. (A byproduct of the “everyone else is doing it” syndrome.)


ReadWriteWeb’s Guide To Online Community Management A Must Have For Businesses

by · May 14, 2009

Jason Falls

Jason Falls

ReadWriteWeb published its first premium product today in the form of a combination white paper/E-book and subject aggregation site. Their “Guide To Online Community Management” went on sale this morning. If you are a business or a brand engaged or planning to engage in social media, you should go buy this report right now. (The 70+ page PDF is a mere $299 – a steal for the amount of information contained therein.) The online compliment to the report is a dynamic newsroom aggregation site for everything community management and is can be had with a username and password provided when you purchase the report.