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Your Content isn’t Going Viral Because it Sucks

by · January 21, 2014

It’s the million dollar question every marketer wants to know. How do I get my content to go viral? Who Is Hosting This put out a helpful infographic that helps marketers check their content against their defined formula for success. The infographic does a good job of providing some basic guidelines, however it sparked a whole different line of thought in my brain.


Treasure Maps and Shovels

by · July 5, 2013

Treasure maps get all the glory. After all, without a treasure map, how else is the young adventurer  supposed to find where that chest of doubloons is buried.  X marks the spots, you know the drill. But what about the lowly shovel. Though never taking center stage in any story, the shovel is still a necessary part of the treasure gaining process. Without a shovel, how are you supposed to dig up the buried treasure? Without a shovel, a treasure map is essentially worthless.

Sure you know where the gold is buried, but without a shovel you have no way of getting to it.

Coincidentally, your content strategy is a lot like a treasure map. Obviously you aren’t going to find your content strategy stuffed inside an empty rum bottle; but like a treasure map, your content strategy does outline the steps you need to take to find true content success.

However, a content strategy will only take you so far. I’ve seen too many people create a content strategy and then assume that success is already theirs, “We’ve got our content strategy right here! The gold is ours!” A strategy is only part of the success equation, at some point you’re going to need to put down the map and start digging. 

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Content Marketing: Will You Be Writing Big Checks or Cashing Them?

by · May 31, 2013

That “content is king” mantra you’re reading nearly every time you click on an article about marketing has made you royally curious, right? The dethroning of conventional marketing strategies, which has largely called for renting (excruciatingly expensive) time and space in paid media, gives new hope to any size company willing to charge forth in the new world of digital.

The word is brainpower trumps spending power now. Is it true?

It can be.


Is Content Truly King? Debunking the Content Mythos [PODCAST]

by · March 29, 2013

Welcome to the latest episode of Explore Marketing Uncensored, Social Media Explorer’s official podcast. Explore Marketing Uncensored is your one-way ticket into the twisted minds of some of the greatest digital marketing and social media thought leaders around. The goal: to provide marketing executives with the knowledge they need to be rock stars in their organization.


Your Content Needs to Shake It Up, Baby

by · January 9, 2013

No doubt you’ve seen those folks on street corners waving around signs and giant arrows attempting to entice you to patronize a nearby store. I have to believe they earn minimum wage. The job doesn’t demand a lot of skill. These human ads often have some shtick. Costumes are common. Maybe they wear a sandwich board or have a prop of some sort. It’s dreadfully dull stuff.


The First Step In Creating A Social Media Content Strategy

by · July 6, 2011

A question that new users of social media often ask is, “I hear that content is king, but what kind of content should I be producing?”  The conventional wisdom in marketing is: first figure out your objectives, then plan a strategy and finally develop the tactics.  Then, the theory goes, you get customers — and that’s when you take care of them.  After all, look at the time, effort and money you spent.  Of course you have to show them you care, or you’ll lose your valuable assets!


Talking Downloadable Media And Podcasting With Susan Bratton

by · September 25, 2008

Susan Bratton of Personal Life Media and I caught up at Blog World & New Media Expo last weekend. She was there promoting the Association for Downloadable Media of which she is vice-chair. It is a professional organization working to solidify advertising standards for downloadable media like podcasts, web-TV shows and the like. We spent a few minutes chatting for an episode of SME-TV.


Business Websites Just Got Smarter, Cooler With Podcast-Serving Widget

by · August 14, 2008

I’ve been pitched story ideas on about 100 different widgets in the last six months. This widget does that. That widget does this. Rarely do I write about them because few of them do anything different. It’s just the same crap in different mascara. Besides, I’m starting to grow tired of the word, “widget.”

AccuQuote\'s Podcasting WidgetHowever, I found one that not only has a very cool concept, but that launches today on the websites of — get this — mainstream businesses that are pushing third-party content they do not control to their customers, all in the name of a more enriching website experience. (My first question to Susan Bratton, president of Personal Life Media who pitched the idea to me, was, “Can I have your clients have a word or two with some of Doe-Anderson’s clients? Please?)


The Writer’s Block Guide To Producing Compelling Content

by · April 25, 2008

It’s hard not to hear the phrase, “content is king,” when having a conversation with a social media thinker these days. Any brand, business or company asking questions about how to improve their website or better engage with their online communities should be hearing it over and over. Still, the vast majority of company and corporate websites out there remain static billboard-like online presences with a monthly front page rearrange or other minor addition the company misunderstands as producing fresh content.