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There Is A Right Way To Do Content Marketing

by · April 25, 2014

Jeni has had Betsy, her faithful car, for over 10 years. Although Betsy is in decent shape, Jeni finds herself daydreaming about a new car. Her co-worker, Jeff, just got his car back from the shop. This is the third time this month his car has broken down. Here is their exchange in the break room:

Jeni: “I’m thinking about buying a new car, but I don’t know if the timing is right.”

Jeff: “This was the final straw for me. I have no choice. I will be purchasing a new car this month.”


Planning For Spontaneity

by · October 1, 2013

All great content, whether premeditated or spontaneous, is a product of purposeful intent. Let me explain what I mean by that. By now, there probably isn’t a soul on social media that isn’t aware of Oreo’s spontaneous Super Bowl tweet. This little picture, sent at the perfect time, not only earned millions of impressions, it also set Oreo apart in the hallowed cannons of social media for months (maybe years) to come.

To the brands that look at this piece of content and dismiss it with, “Well yeah, right place right time. I guess they just got lucky.” I call bullshit. Oreo didn’t get lucky, that tweet was a product of purposeful, planned intent. No, they didn’t know three months beforehand that a blackout was going to plague the Super Bowl, but they had the foresight to know that something was going to happen during the biggest game of the year. So they put together a team of strategists, artists and copywriters to capitalize on that unknown something. Guaranteed if there wasn’t a blackout, Oreo still would have posted something great in the 3rd of 4th quarter of the game that would have had us all talking.


What Happens Before The Click

by · September 7, 2012

Last week, we talked about a simple workflow for using Google Analytics to inform your content planning. We looked at the Content Drilldown report, and used it to reveal the gaps in your existing content, helping you plan your editorial calendar.  While looking at content performance is interesting, have you ever wondered how your content performs before the click?

  • How many web searchers see your content in search results?
  • Which keywords and content get a lot of eyeballs, but relatively few clicks?
  • What topics could you add to your editorial calendar to exploit strong search interest?

Using Analytics to Plan Great Content

by · August 28, 2012

If you’re a digital marketer and don’t log into analytics at least weekly, shame on you. You’re missing information that can help you make better decisions, even in tasks and roles that seem pretty far removed from reporting.

Most marketers associate Google Analytics with periodic reporting of traffic. Those who are responsible for tracking revenue or media buys may look at conversions or traffic source performance. But the data in Google Analytics can help content strategists, community managers and others in a more editorial role, too.


How to Get Content Marketing “Buy-In”

by · June 13, 2012

The success of any plan often depends on gaining buy-in from the stakeholders that are ultimately responsible for implementing it. This concept is often associated with organizational change initiatives but it is also very relevant when it comes to the development of your content strategy. It’s amazing how a great content idea can struggle to get executed effectively (or at all) when the people responsible for bringing it to life don’t stand behind it.

Coming up with content ideas is the easy part of the content marketing equation. The challenge lies is recognizing the level of commitment required to convert those ideas into tangible forms of content and developing a process to make implementation a reality.


Silos & Spaghetti: Why Your Users Need You To Care About Content

by · May 26, 2011

Kristina Halvorson, author of Content Strategy for the Web and founder of Brain Traffic, a content strategy firm, had this to say during her keynote at the inaugural Confab conference in Minneapolis on May 9 (paraphrase).

“…the audiences who need our content want access right now, wherever they are, on the device they’re using, as quickly as possible, in formats to suit their purpose. But our content isn’t ready for that. Our organizations have been preparing content in silos for decades. [Content is] inconsistent between channels and lacks governance.”