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Apps That’ll Make You A Content Curator Extraordinaire

by · April 25, 2013

For a busy guy like me, it’s difficult sometimes to keep up with all of the latest best practices and technology tools that seem to crop up continuously in the field of digital marketing.  One of those areas that I’ve apparently fallen behind on is content curation and marketing.  Not good!  Because  this is an area that has become, as Stephanie Graves notes, “the go-to audience building strategy for top brands and organizations seeking to connect with their target audiences in a meaningful, non-sales-y way.”


How Your Newsletter Can Transform Your Website

by · February 11, 2008

Like many business owners and executives, my friend Mike doesn’t understand social media. He also doesn’t understand the power of the web much more than to say the web is powerful. “I should have a website,” he thought a few years back. He didn’t want to ask for help or spend any money on it and got what he paid for. A few months later, he asked me to help him put up something that, “looked better than what I’ve got.”