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To Be Successful, Social Media Has to Fail

by · December 11, 2012

As companies start to invest more heavily into social media, it will quickly bring out the magnifying glass. It’s a big deal. For many companies social media is finally getting its own line in the budget for 2013.  This comes with good and bad news. Executives have been struggling with understanding where social media delivers return since the first time one of their employees came in and begged to test it. Now that it has its own line item in the budget, it’s natural for skeptical executives to approve the budget and pull out their magnifying glass at the same time. Once companies start making real investments in social media, the pressure is on for marketers to quickly demonstrate real ROI. Not those fluffy reports on how many fans and followers were generated.


How to Get Content Marketing “Buy-In”

by · June 13, 2012

The success of any plan often depends on gaining buy-in from the stakeholders that are ultimately responsible for implementing it. This concept is often associated with organizational change initiatives but it is also very relevant when it comes to the development of your content strategy. It’s amazing how a great content idea can struggle to get executed effectively (or at all) when the people responsible for bringing it to life don’t stand behind it.

Coming up with content ideas is the easy part of the content marketing equation. The challenge lies is recognizing the level of commitment required to convert those ideas into tangible forms of content and developing a process to make implementation a reality.