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Why we abolished our vacation policy

by · July 2, 2014

We recently made a big change for all of our employees of Social Media Explorer | SME Digital. We completely abolished our vacation policy. That’s right, we just blew it up completely. There were a lot of reasons for this decision that really go to the heart of how we treat our employees that I thought were worth discussing with our readers.


Be Prepared as Digital Natives Demand the 4 Hour Work Week Lifestyle

by · December 4, 2012

After spending 15 years in Corporate America it didn’t take long for me to realize that my generation,  Generation X, quickly fell into the traditions of our parent’s generation, the Boomers. We all commute to work in our high rise buildings, we peer our heads over our desk in North Cubeland, we work 9-5, take our 2-4 weeks of vacation each year, and spend most of our days in conference rooms having meetings about our meetings. In the last decade we’ve started to see innovations with flexible work schedules, work from home options and creative work spaces. As Gen Xers this was liberating and we began to feel like we had work life balance.


What Zappos Insights Can Teach Us About Social Media Values

by · November 17, 2011

Do you still have people in your company who are scared of letting employees tweet? Is social media still viewed as a “risky” venture? Are you terrified of what an employee might say on a social media channel? There is no shame in admitting that social media can open a huge door to embarrassment and even risk for a company, if it is placed in the wrong hands. Getting comfortable with letting our guard down is a process that doesn’t happen overnight and that journey can take longer than many of us would like.


Why Can’t Brands Connect?

by · August 11, 2011

So brands are chomping at the bit to jump into Google+ ?

Understandable, but the truth is most big brands — and most companies — are still struggling with the other platforms. Social media is still foreign to them, and most flail around like fish out of water.

Marketers know this problem. The issue was raised again in a nicely written piece recently in Advertising Age. The author concludes with, “In a nutshell, they need to act less like brands and more like people.”

The problem


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