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The Only Game Worth Playing is the Game of No Games

by · November 4, 2014

If you’ve ever sat in a conference room for a meeting, you’ve experienced games. Everyone plays games; even you. It is possible to eliminate the games if YOU decide to stop playing. Games kill innovation, progress, and culture. The only game that is worth playing is the game of no games. How do you do it? First, you have to recognize the games that are being played and why people play them.


Why we abolished our vacation policy

by · July 2, 2014

We recently made a big change for all of our employees of Social Media Explorer | SME Digital. We completely abolished our vacation policy. That’s right, we just blew it up completely. There were a lot of reasons for this decision that really go to the heart of how we treat our employees that I thought were worth discussing with our readers.


The “Type A” Personality vs. “A-Player” Conundrum

by · November 12, 2013

If you work in the corporate world I’m sure you’ve heard it. She/He is a Type A personality. For those who are called Type A personalities we are encouraged to embrace this as a compliment. For some reason, this never set well with me. However, since we launched SME Digital, the agency behind Social Media Explorer, I’ve done a lot of thinking about the type of talent we want to hire.

Our Chief Culture Officer, an my personal business coach, Giovanni Cavalieri, has spent a tremendous amount of time helping me define our culture and the type of people we should hire to build a team that will outperform any other. This weekend I finished reading, Steve Jobs, and his obsession with hiring A-Players got me thinking. What is the difference between a Type A personality and an A-Player? I think there is a big difference.


The Biggest Missed Opportunity in Social Media

by · August 16, 2013

When’s the last time someone from your IT department participated in a Twitter chat on industry developments while at work? Or has anyone from your accounts payable team liked your brand’s Facebook page? Or when was the last time someone from your sales team answered a question on Quora?

Unfortunately, none of these scenarios are happening very often at most organizations. And it represents a huge missed opportunity in social media.

Understanding the problem

Businesses everywhere are making the same social media mistake: they are failing to leverage their employee base to amplify their social media efforts.


Tools, Process and Culture…Oh My!

by · December 26, 2012

Everywhere I go and speak, I ask the same two questions before I start my presentation.  The first question I ask is, “How many of you trust social media as a data source to make business decision?  Please raise your hand if you do.”  You know how many people’s hands go up after I ask this question?  About 5-10% of the room.  And when I ask this question, the room is filled with at a minimum 100 people all the way to 500 people.  After asking this question, I follow it with a second one.  I ask, “Ok, so when you are thinking of buying a new electronic device or appliance or picking a restaurant to make a decision, how many of you go to the web first to collect information to make your decision?”  Now everyone’s hand goes up.  Well at least 98% of them…the other 2% are sleeping.