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The No Bullshit Guide To The Collaborative Economy

by · May 20, 2014

AirBnB wants you to stay in someone else’s house. Lyft wants you to order up a ride with someone you don’t know. Relay Rides goes a step further and wants you to borrow cars from people you don’t know or — shudder to think — loan your car to a complete stranger.

There’s collaborative fundraising, food preparation, clothing and other goods. Everything from loans to leftovers has some sort of collaborative app or approach today. Welcome to the collaborative economy.

But how sustainable is it?

14 comments – #GivingTuesday

by · March 5, 2013

As a fundraising coach, I help nonprofits raise unrestricted dollars–gifts that they can use as needed. But there are times that, as a donor, it’s nice to know exactly exactly what your dollars are doing.

If you’re feeling that way today, check out Any of you who’ve been in public school, or have had kids in public school, know how ridiculously frustrating lack of funding can be. With all we pay for public education, it seems that teachers should be able to have things like books for their students.

But they don’t.