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The No Bullshit Guide To The Collaborative Economy

by · May 20, 2014

AirBnB wants you to stay in someone else’s house. Lyft wants you to order up a ride with someone you don’t know. Relay Rides goes a step further and wants you to borrow cars from people you don’t know or — shudder to think — loan your car to a complete stranger.

There’s collaborative fundraising, food preparation, clothing and other goods. Everything from loans to leftovers has some sort of collaborative app or approach today. Welcome to the collaborative economy.

But how sustainable is it?


The Six Biggest Trends In Social That Will Blow Your Mind

by · January 6, 2014

Around this time of year, you’ll see plenty of year-end recaps and next-year previews, but I’m about the bigger picture. Not what’s coming up in the next year, but the next five or ten years. These are the six Macro-Trends that will encompass not only social media, but marketing and society in general. These Macro-Trends can then be matrixed across one another to create some Micro-Trends as well.

While some folks are still figuring out SoLoMo, Social Graph or Owned-Paid-Earned, these are the larger trends at play. Businesses and marketers need to understand how these trends affect users to be prepared for these major shifts in Social Media.


When It’s Smart To Be Stupid In Social Media

by · November 12, 2010

The professional lives under a terrible curse: they can never look stupid. Stupid is a death blow to the consultant, creative professional, marketer, or PR professional. Looking stupid ruins your credibility, loses business and gets you taken off all the lists that you want to be on. Stupid people are shunned, omitted from all the best gatherings and worst of all, they are ignored. Who would want to be stupid, especially in the “always on” public sphere of social media?

Here’s the really stupid thing about all of this, though: some people who look profoundly stupid turn out to be incredibly successful. And trust me, it’s not because of their incredible physical attributes. Well, not all of the time.


Five Ways Social Will Change Journalism

by · October 19, 2010

The tools of social media are disruptive, to say the least. But knowing where the landscape is shifting makes a big difference in finding the safe places to build your future business foundation.

Want to own a newspaper? A magazine? TV Guide sold for a dollar, but it might have been overvalued.

Here’s what to look for as journalism — both the outlets and the individuals working in the industry — go social.