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The Difference In Fan and Customer Acquisition

by · February 11, 2013

The CMO of a large retail brand stood on stage recently, proudly showing off a fan acquisition campaign that had successfully driven tens of thousands more “Likes” on Facebook. A hand went up in the audience. “Those ‘Likes’ are impressive, but how many of your products did you sell as a result?”

The CMO shrugged and said, “Well, that really wasn’t the point of the campaign. It was about acquisition.”

It’s a good thing that CMO was talking to an audience of marketers and not his or her board of directors. If they had been, that would have likely been the last words he or she uttered as CMO of that particular company.


Outside the Fishbowl

by · December 2, 2010

Businesses are all about their business. Otherwise they would be hobbies or activities.

When you get to the realm of Tweeters and TheFacebook and all of the bright and shiny YouTubes, businesses have a bottom line they have to meet, and they don’t always have time to do the research they need to stay on top of trends.

We’re talking about people who don’t have time to check in at Mashable or AllFacebook, and executives who aren’t interested in knowing the difference between CoTweet and HootSuite and RePeet and whatever else emerges tomorrow.