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How Net Promoter Can Revolutionize Your Digital Marketing

by · March 5, 2013

Net Promoter is a simple methodology of asking prospects or customers how likely they are to recommend you. It is one tiny question that can have a tremendous impact on your business success. It may seem frilly or like another stupid customer satisfaction survey, but it can be game changing for companies who use it strategically to help make better business decisions.


Customer Service Goes Social With Groubal

by · February 11, 2011

There’s little question customer satisfaction and loyalty are inextricably intertwined. In our value-conscious, post-recession world, maintaining good relationships with existing customers is a business imperative for companies which hope to hold a measure of protection against price-driven competitive strategies.

We consumers may have high expectations, but we readily reward companies which hit the mark. Conversely, we often revile those which miss it.  And why not?  We’re talking about our hard-earned money here.


I Just Want The Widget I Ordered, Please

by · November 30, 2010

How would you handle this communication from a disgruntled customer?

(Note: for full effect, replace the world “widget” with your company’s product or service. And, of course, you work for Company X.)

Dear (Company X):

I just want the widget that I ordered, please. I want the exact widget that I ordered, by the date and time that you said it would be ready and for the quoted price. Really, that’s all I want.