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Before You Answer, Ask

by · December 31, 2013

When people are aggravated or even upset, the natural reaction is to verbalize what they would do differently or what they think should be done to fix whatever the problem is. “Why can’t you just deliver my package?!” “I would have thought about the holiday rush ahead of time and hired more people!”

Not that these particular quotes have come up in conversation recently or anything. Heh.

What I find fascinating about these moments when people interject their solution to whatever problem you face is that knee jerks are always uninformed. But it works for us as well as customers. When we say, “Well, I would do X,” or “Why didn’t you do Y,” we’re just as uniformed as the frustrated customer.


Does the wrong department own social?

by · November 14, 2013

Social media is coming into it’s own as a practice these days. More people are getting on board, making plans, executing them and (hopefully) measuring their impact on the organization. We have witnessed the rise of a new role, the community manager. Typically this role is being taken under the wing of the marketing department. Community managers today are most likely marketing professionals with a passion for social. But, at the end of the day, they are still marketers.

To a large degree this makes a lot of sense. Social media is media after all, and media lives with marketing. But, I see a rather large issue with this and in many cases why social is not getting the engagement many brands are hoping to garner.


Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business Model

by · October 22, 2013

Companies are starting to recognize that customer experience is an important element for having a differentiated brand. Social media has forced companies to take customer experience seriously as customers have taken to their social networks to tell their negative stories with passion and a virality that has been unmatched in other channels. However, the reality is that there is a lot of lip service about putting the customer at the center and making customer service improvements. At the end of the day, this transformation requires a change in culture, which leaves companies dealing with massive amounts of politics and inherent human capital challenges.


4 Cultural Social Media Truths Your Business Can’t Ignore

by · October 18, 2013

Everyone knows social is important.  There is no need to say it.  Well, I just did I guess, but how the hell else do you start a blogpost without saying something obvious.  But is it obvious?  I work across every industry with every level across every vertical and there is no unification on its importance.  I would go as far as to say that the number of people that think it isn’t critically important to their business still outweigh those who do… by a lot.  So when I thought about what I might write this month on the blog, I figured I would just think about the truths of social that a company who is blindly pushing content out should consider.  By at least throwing some conceptual truths out there, one hopes that those reading will put them away for a rainy day if they are currently unable to convince those they work with of social’s importance to future business success.  And as with most concepts or “truths” in this case, I invite you to think about how it applies to your business.


HP Empowers Social Care in Customer-Manned Forums

by · March 28, 2013

They may not be talked about much, but forums are a driving force in true social media success. Social Media Explorer has experienced the prevalence of forums first hand. When we begin working with a client we create a Conversation Report, which uncovers research on where online conversations are happening around their brand, competitors and industry. More often than not, we find the majority of conversations are happening in forums. In fact, the publicly available Social Media Explorer Conversation Report, “What Consumers are Saying About Banking” showed that 90% of conversations about banking and banking products happen on FORUMS and less than 1% happen on social networks. It’s funny. Despite how much forums dominate the share of conversation for brands, rarely, will you find someone talking about their “sexy” forum strategy. That’s probably because forums are viewed as “old-school” and less relevant. I’m not scared to admit it. We create some truly stellar forum strategies and they can be immensely powerful in driving relevant conversation with the right target market.


Technology Is The Drive, Humanity Is The Touchdown

by · February 18, 2013

There are two sides to good digital marketing execution, whether it’s email, website, mobile, social or even customer service. One side is the technology. Without good technology, you’re crippled in today’s marketing environment. You need a fast and responsive website. You need software to help you manage social networks. You need versatile email software that perhaps even serves as a customer relationship management portal. Technology is critical. But it’s only half of the prerequisite for digital marketing success.

The other half is humanity, or perhaps better put, human-ness. The technology only gets you down the field a bit. Humanity takes you across the respective goal line.


What Charter Doesn’t Understand About Social Media

by · December 13, 2012

In a move that surprised even the most jaded customer, Charter abruptly pulled the plug on its social media customer service team. But why? A brief statement from the company:

“We believe speaking directly with a customer is a more personal, effective and consistent way to answer questions, solve an issue or provide information, and we will focus our efforts on these means of communications. We’re committed to treating our customers with great care, and we believe that person-to-person interaction accomplishes that in a more meaningful way for more of our customers.”

…and some analysis from SME’s Ike Pigott:


Want Your Digital Marketing To Win? Choose Your Words Carefully.

by · November 28, 2012

The simplest and  most important thing to know in being a good digital communicator is this:  Talk to people as if you are both human beings.

You wouldn’t think people need lessons in acting human.  But many of us assume a business façade at work. We put on our work attire, go to an office, sit in meetings and write memos or emails to customers, forgetting that we are human beings talking to other human beings.  We speak a language filled with buzzwords, clichés and acronyms that we would never use with friends.  Imagine inviting your guests to the dinner table with a statement like “please be advised that dinner is served.”