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Is Predictive Modeling the Future of Decision Making?

by · May 28, 2013

With all the time we spend talking about the best ways to measure, the best metrics to measure and how to measure, it’s important to occasionally raise our heads to look at what is on the horizon. Then we can rise above some of the minutia that fills our brains today and get a glimpse of where this is all headed. As technology allows us to process more data faster the next logical step is to start to actually predict the impact a few key decisions will have on sales, revenue and costs.


Has Social Data Finally Escaped the Lab?

by · August 10, 2012

Marketing mad scientists have predicted that social data will reach its potential as a business resource for years. But CMOs have been hesitant to trust that social data could help fuel business transformation at all levels.

For the impact of social media to evolve into social business, three things will need to happen. Decision makers will need to trust and absorb social data. They’ll need to act on the implications of social data. And social data will need to escape the marketing silo. A new report from The CMO Club and Bazaarvoice indicates that these three things may be happening to a much greater extent than some people think.


Do Your Customers Know You Mine Them For Data?

by · December 30, 2011

Many times, the best way to find out something about a group of people is to simply ask them. However, that isn’t always a surefire source for truth. The gap between what we do and what we say we do is wide enough to support entire industries.

For instance, the people who publicly tell you they back a particular candidate might vote for someone else behind the privacy curtain. We all like to be thought of as smart, progressive, dependable, creative, sexy, good listeners and caring. The temptation to bend the truth on a question is strong, even when we don’t know the questioner. We are just as prone to lie to the Gallup or Nielsen caller as we are to the woman across the street who can’t keep a secret.


Social Media Research And Privacy: Where Do You Stand?

by · March 17, 2011

Last week I was part of a neat experiment with a group of about 30 or so forward-thinking market researchers to come up with the five “hot” and five “not-so-hot” trends that will affect our industry over the next few years. The goal was for all of us to publish our posts at roughly the same time (I say “roughly,” because I was late :) ) and see where we all agreed and disagreed. Here were mine, in case you are interested. Fellow market researcher Tom Anderson (who organized the event) produced these word clouds to represent the hot and not-hot posts; if you can tell the difference between them, you’re a frickin’ genius.


Facebook Will Kill You And Other Data Mining Myths

by · December 5, 2007

Valeria Maltoni shared an interesting video on Conversation Agent today that got me riled up. I started to comment on her post and then realized the length of my response might shut down her servers. So she gets credit, I’m copying and pasting all this there, but I wanted to share the video and my response with all of you as well.