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The ROI of Infographics

by · August 1, 2012

Defining the best way to measure the value of your infographic content can be an adventure in semantics. Your objectives, the organizational culture you operate in, and your definition of return on investment (ROI) all contribute to how, or even if, you measure the business performance of infographics.

ROI is calculated as follows: (Gain from an investment – Cost of the investment) / Cost of the investment

The formula is simple enough. So why do ROI discussions always seem to have the potential to become acrimonious? Like a good political debate, how you approach the measurement of your content marketing and communication initiatives can depend on your perspective.


Infographics Inside the Organization

by · July 25, 2012

In many ways, using infographics to communicate with internal stakeholders serves the same purpose as using them in a content marketing capacity with external audiences. They get people’s attention, help simplify complex ideas, and embed understanding.

Infographics are becoming a mainstream marketing communication tool, thanks in part to the exposure they have gained across social media channels. But has this digital exposure increased adoption of information design as a tool for internal communication, education, and decision-making?


Although not as popular as content marketing infographics targeted at external audiences, data visuals and information designs created to communicate with employees are slowly being adopted by organizations.


The Importance of Setting Infographic Objectives

by · July 12, 2012

The Internet is full of infographics that lack fundamental direction or purpose. These types of information designs can be ineffective as a communication tool as well as a time and labor drain on your organization.

Before jumping into the design phase there are a couple of important questions you should ask yourself: What is the purpose of your infographics? What goals does your organization hope to accomplish by using infographics as a communication tool?


To help shape your infographic objectives, it’s important to understand:

• The audience you are creating infographics for AND


Infographics and the Science of Visual Communication

by · July 3, 2012

One of the primary reasons infographics work well as a communication tool can be linked to eyesight and the neurological connection of our eyes and brain.

The dynamics of sight and how we use our eyes to process information present some compelling reasons to consider using infographics to share information and ideas in order to connect with your internal and external audiences.

Hard wired for infographics

Vision directly or indirectly accounts for about 50% of our brain’s real estate.

9 comments Quietly Building World’s Largest Map Mashup Platform

by · July 29, 2009

With geo-targeting and location-specific data becoming more and more accessible and relevant, Louisville-based and off-shoot are suddenly becoming important players in the race to have the world’s largest online mapping platform. I’m not talking about Google Maps. I’m talking about laying data over Google or other mapping systems. essentially collects geographically-tied data and puts it in map form. You can supply the service with your data and they will turn it into a maps mashup you can use on your website. All of that information becomes instantly subscribe-able via RSS feeds, mobile updates and more, turning your data into a highly portable, extremely useful product.

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