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Did Facebook Just Kill Social Media Management?

by · September 20, 2013

The death of social media management, that’s a bold statement to make, and one not to be taken out of context. For those social media practitioners among you are who actively managing a Facebook page, you may well already be aware of the changes that Facebook just rolled out to its Edgerank algorithm. It seems this update has slipped under the radar for many, which could be due to the fact that the platform it was distributed through, the relatively new Facebook For Business, may still be unfamiliar to many in the industry. Before we descend into anarchy and panic however, it’s necessary to define our key terms and figure out exactly what this new update means and what it foretells.


DEBATE: Facebook Is Blackmailing Brands

by · November 26, 2012

In February, Facebook announced to the world that, on average, only 16 percent of a brand’s fans actually see each post. The company then conveniently introduced a way to increase the number: By purchasing sponsored stories and ads. And at that point, the last bastion of reasonable people not skeptical that Facebook was evil, came over to the good side.

Okay, not the last bastion … Mashable and Techcrunch still suck up to the Zuck, but can you blame them? They think journalism is reprinting whatever the Facebook PR folks tell them to be true.


Search. Social. Mobile. Optimized!

by · June 29, 2012

Leading brands have matured beyond the search bar as they seek solutions to optimize their online presence. Today’s leaders are searching for solutions that reach customers and their behaviors using a more holistic approach to search, social and mobile marketing. To successfully position and grow brands online so that the investment of digital assets are reaching the level of awareness and sales necessary to compete in today’s digital era, we need to stop approaching online optimization as separate silos and consider the full life cycle of the customer’s journey.

Today’s silos include three types of optimization experts.


If Facebook Comments Are Gold, Here’s How To Dig For More

by · May 4, 2011

Imagine that you are standing at the podium in front of a large audience who purchased tickets to see you. After speaking for a while, you start to see their eyes glazing over. You are not connecting with them. As their attention wanders, you see people start to filter out of the room.  Eventually, you find yourself speaking to a room where the seats are half empty.