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The Future of Successful Business Means Scaling Empathy – Part 2 – Apply to Customer Touch Points

by · November 23, 2012

In my last post on scaling empathy I explained what it means for businesses to scale empathy and why it’s important. I also laid out three high-level steps I think every business can take to scale empathy in their business starting with the first step, developing customer personas.

As a reminder, here they all are again:

  1. Get to Know Your Customers Better by Developing Personas
  2. Reduce Friction by Applying Personas to Customer Touch Points
  3. Create Open Channels of Feedback and Review

Now we’ll focus on on the next step by applying these personas to customer touch points.


The Future of Successful Business Means Scaling Empathy – Part 1 – Customer Personas

by · October 9, 2012

How many times have you heard someone profess the importance of being a more “human” business? That’s usually followed by a bevy of information about how social media is the key to that. I’d argue that social media is more the enabler. It amplifies and gives more prominence to something every business needs to implement more of to be successful. You need to understand  the importance of empathy.




1.the intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another.


Is there profit in a kinder, gentler business?

by · March 23, 2011

Big business is where it’s at, right?  The Industrial Revolution paved the way for us to produce a greater variety of products, in greater numbers, more efficiently than ever before.  We all know the impact Whitney, Ford, Watt, and many others made on living standards for the masses.  We gained access and became enabled.  Reach grew alongside speed to market.

Eyes turned to the assembly line, we fixated on efficiency. And we steadily lost sight of emotional and spiritual needs. We squeezed the joy and artistry right out of the village.