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Four Things My Four-Year-Old Has Taught Me About Social Marketing

by · October 16, 2014

My youngest daughter turns four years old today. Not only has the time flow by quicker than I could have imagined, I have learned more that I ever thought possible from her. So in honor of my little Jasmine’s birthday, here are four social marketing lessons she has taught me (to the tune of Frozen; apologies in advance).


Consider the trusted resource

by · August 21, 2014

A few weeks back Nichole Kelly wrote a series about ego and social and it took me a few weeks to really marinate in her words, the thing that I keep coming back to is this: We are overshooting social media. If the idea was to connect people with people with more immediacy than ever realized before, the opportunity for brands was to transition from monolog to dialog. It is simple. Have a conversation with your customer. Answer their questions. Take care of them when they need you. Occasionally introduce them to new products and services, but mostly, offer them an opportunity to dialog. It is something I like to see from my favorite brands. I like to get ideas for my home and get inspiration for dinner from my favorite brands.


Social Grows Up

by · May 1, 2014

Social is older than we think. Listservs were the first foray in social and those were alive in the late 70s. But, mainstream social is becoming a teenager. Teenagers can be a wildly frustrating bunch. They change, have attitude and have a unique and burning desire to push buttons and challenge convention. I can see how this is manifesting itself today.

There has been quite a kerfuffle over how Facebook has changed their algorithm to hinder a brand’s reach. People have said that they are biting the hand that feeds them (total teenager move!). Over at Twitter, they are working hard to monetize their platform with more ads in feed. And LinkedIn is becoming a classifieds section and everyone’s content (people included!) is getting lost. Yes, indeed, social is growing up and becoming a fine teenager. And it’s time for us to let go a bit so that we can grow up too. Here are a few points to ponder as we do this.


Stop trying to be human – Try being useful.

by · April 23, 2014

Once upon a time businesses were businesses and people were people. Then one day someone (probably at an agency, possibly a real-life Don Draper) convinced a business to be more like people. And businesses made attempts to be more like people. The actual people didn’t buy it and then the big bad Facebook changed their reach algorithm and no one lived happily ever after. The end. Or is it?


Creating a Real-Time Marketing Approach

by · August 29, 2013

Agile marketing is one of the many buzzwords du jour. As social media and mobile take a larger piece of the consumer mindshare, it is important to take a real time approach to marketing. Developing tools, practices and models that support an agile marketing structure is a huge change for most. It is scary; much like social media was a few years’ back.  Being agile entails developing a careful, thoughtful plan, which as marketers, we are really good at. Once we have a plan, we need to make sure everyone knows what kinds of content to create, as well as when and how to react and then (scary part!) trusting your team to execute on it.


Threads That Entangle Your Crisis Communications

by · April 19, 2013

Facebook is rolling out its Threaded Comments for brand pages, and on the surface it seems to be a great tool for engagement.

However, not everything that is good for the one makes sense for the many.


How Long Should Your Blog Post Be?

by · July 20, 2012

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of people asking this question. The answer varies quite a bit, so let me be more definitive.

A blog post is as long as you need it to be to make your point, and no more.

But what about the search engines? What about the research about most clicked posts?

Forget them. They measured content that you didn’t write, for people who you don’t care about. It’s like averaging the height of the top 100 chess Grandmasters, and telling you that the optimum player is 5′ 7″.


How To Avoid The Illusion of Social Media Engagement

by · June 27, 2012

I recently attended a conference, where Claire Diaz Ortiz, who heads social innovation at Twitter, spoke about influence.  She said something surprising.  She said that two of the most engaged “brands” on Twitter had far fewer followers than the celebrities or giant brands with many millions of followers.  Those brands were both Christian Ministries:  Joel Osteen and Rick Warren.  Today, with about 725,000 followers, a Joel Osteen tweet gets far more retweets than one from Lady Gaga, who has 26 million followers.  The reason, Ortiz said, is shared values.


Defining Engagement

by · April 25, 2012

Apparently, my little tome on Engagement Monday worked a few folks up. From some questioning my credibility because I used a swear word a few times in the post (Have you seen my book? Heh.) to some really intelligent discourse and discussion, the comments and even the ensuing back-and-forth with folks on Twitter was a nice stroll down memory lane. It’s neat to see a blog post spark real conversation again. It seems like few do these days (mine or otherwise).