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Five Reasons to Blog Offline

by · November 9, 2012

Ike… you’re crazy, man! The whole purpose of social media is being social, right? Why would you have a blog and not share it with anyone?

Great question. So let’s answer that by going back to the roots of the word “blog.”

Blog = (we)blog, or “web log.” Technically speaking, a blog is any online tool that you update frequently. Preferably, it has built-in resources and features that make updates easy. There’s nothing inherent in that definition that assumes “community,” or “comments,” or for that matter, “visibility.”

So here are some reasons you ought to keep on offline blog:


All The Tools You Need For Success At SXSW

by · March 12, 2009

Jason Falls

Jason Falls

Today I land in Austin, Texas for the Interactive and social media world’s annual Woodstock. South by Southwest is the one conference I would keep on the schedule if my travel budget was cut back to one event simply because of the sheer number of people, parties, learning and opportunity that happens there. Frankly, if I were in the market for a job, I’d just go to SXSW and network like a mad man. (And I’m sure some folks go there not looking for a job and come away with one.)