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8 Takeaways From Portland Explore

by · November 20, 2012

Learning curves as steep as a wall. The impact of technology, especially the social tools, are changing the landscape of our lives, communities and commerce.  There is no doubt that the digital era is significantly shifting the marketplace across multiple functions forcing change to happen before success and sustainability can be experienced for any profession. As digital marketers who have an early adoption mindset to new technologies, we are not only faced with our own learning curve, but we are tasked to help usher others to climb.


4 Rules for Today’s Social Business Journey

by · October 22, 2012

What is the meaning of life? That is a loaded question. It’s like asking, “What is social business?” Ask 20 people the same question, you will get 200 different answers. Like life, social business is a journey.

Day by day, we venture forward. We look for ways to be happier. Search for the tools that will make our tasks easier.  Learn from the experience of our own and from leaders who we respect. Leaders who are inventive, who have implemented processes, developed practices and travelled afar to tell us about their stories.


Content Marketing Basics [INFOGRAPHIC]

by · September 18, 2012

With 90% of B2B marketers using content marketing to grow their business today, it would be helpful to examine the variety of content types and understand the best approach for you and your business. Jolina Pettice from TopRank Online Marketing presented some clarity on best practices for today’s B2B marketing and optimization tips for content during Explore in Minneapolis.

This glance and go infographic captures some of the takeaways including the marketing basics of content marketing as part of the Tips-n-Trends Explored where the mind-blowing subject matter presented by some of today’s social media marketing experts shared from the SME’s events are parsed down and passed around.


Stop Selling. Start Helping.

by · September 14, 2012

Need help selling? Content marketing maven and SME bud Jay Baer personifies the solution to a key problem today’s digital marketers face. During his keynote presentation at Explore in Minneapolis, Baer addressed the challenge of today’s digital media world that overflows with terabytes of messages streaming through multiple screens on various technology platforms. How can today’s brands gain a competitive advantage with the millions of messages scrolling, streaming and blasting to the marketplace?

Baer helps marketers with a methodology he sees as the answer. He calls this future of marketing:  YOUlitity. What is YOUtility Marketing and how can it help you market and sell your brand? Here is a glance-and-go infographic that explores Jay’s YOUtility approach and offers tips on how you too can start utility marketing to build loyalty with your brand.


Explore Nashville Tickets On Sale!

by · March 7, 2012

Get ready Music City! Explore Nashville tickets are now on sale. We’re thrilled to open ticket sales for the second in our five-city event series this year. Explore Dallas-Fort Worth was awesomesauce and we plan to rock Nashville in a big way.

Amber Naslund headlines the day with our opening keynote. Our fireside chat will be with Scott Gulbransen of H&R Block who will give us the low-down on The Stache Act among other brand activities just a couple days before Tax Day (how we got him that time of year, I’ll never know). And then the roster of speakers beyond that is mind-boggling. Someone told me it was like having a day full of keynotes in every session.


Reporting from Explore Dallas-Fort Worth: One Recurring Theme

by · February 20, 2012

A common thread ran across several Explore Dallas Fort Worth conference sessions: pay attention and listen to your customers and your audience.

I know, I know …

BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious) from the Big D.

Thanks a lot.

Unfortunately, that same thread keeps getting pulled because so many businesses do NOT listen, or if they do ask questions, their head is not open to hearing the answers or acting on them.

Over and over again, Explore speakers explained why something so simple is vital to business success.


Follow Explore Events With

by · February 17, 2012

As you know, today is the kickoff of Social Media Explorer’s five city event series as Explore Dallas-Fort Worth gets underway at Union Station in Dallas. We’ve put a lot of thought and work into shaping an event that will serve professional marketers with rich, strategic-level content to help enhance their digital marketing efforts. (Notice I didn’t say just social media.)

And while these events (learn more about the four other cities and sign up for email notifications for the city of your interest on our Explore events page) are not yet being live streamed or offered up on a virtual format, you can still follow along.

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More Goodness For Explore Dallas-Fort Worth Attendees

by · February 10, 2012

Getting ready for Explore Dallas-Fort Worth on Feb. 17 has been a lot of fun. Probably one of the best parts of the experience for me is finding great sponsors to bring something to the table for participants. We don’t just want vendors who come in, sell-sell-sell and then follow up with more sales emails and the like. We tried hard to identify companies that were going to bring value to you, not just them.


Integrating Social Media Across The Organization

by · February 3, 2012

Operationalizing social media across the organization is perhaps on of the most challenging aspects of social media for companies and brands. Too many look at social media as a consumer-facing communications channel and forget that departments from HR to research and development and even internal collaboration among divisions can all be helped by social technologies and strategies.

We’re addressing that issue at Explore Dallas-Fort Worth in several discussions, one major one led by Zena Weist, Vice-President of Digital Strategy for Edelman. Her experience at brands like Embarq, Sprint and H&R Block, plus the brands she’s working with in her current role, gives her a unique and experienced look at how to incorporate social across the organization. She’ll share not just advice, but case studies on how to do it.