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Facebook Saturation

by · March 4, 2013

Facebook is getting noisy. You’ve noticed it, too. If I’ve had one person mention a lot more sponsored posts and in-stream advertising in the last month, I’ve had 100. It’s frustrating for some users, interesting for marketers and a economic boon to the advertisers using it well.

But let’s not make assumptions about why it’s happening, how people are reacting to it or what it means because assumptions are, almost always, wrong.


The Reality of Facebook Promotions

by · February 4, 2013

Most businesses don’t have tens of thousands of Facebook fans. Most don’t have hundreds of thousands of website visitors. So it’s easy for the social media expert in your neighborhood to follow the hippie’s and tree-hugger’s version of social media and say Facebook advertising and promotions are bad.

In the end, though, it’s all a numbers game. The more fans you have, the more potential click throughs you can get on a Sponsored Post. The more your audience is incented to share a coupon or a deal with their networks, the more conversions you’ll see. The more numbers, the less inclination you’ll have toward the purist’s way of thinking.


The Irony of Our Facebook Ad Fascination

by · June 15, 2012

Everyone is up in arms about Facebook ads. Sure the social network giant needs to improve its business model, which is mostly driven through advertising dollars, to help investors gain confidence and bring that stock price back up. And yes, there are those in the social space that are concerned about Facebook’s ability to do so and are, thus, watching closely.


What’s The Difference Between Buying Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers?

by · May 31, 2012

Last week I had far more conversations than normal about buying Twitter followers. I don’t know what it was, maybe the stars were out of alignment, but everyone wanted to talk about whether or not you should buy Twitter followers, how you can buy them, and what it means if you do buy them.

Examples: One friend has a client who worked with some hacker to get thousands of new followers. I read a blog post about a PR pro who bought followers, and then had them taken away by Twitter when he admitted it publicly. And then, while I was researching a potential client, I realized that one of their executives had bought most, if not all, of their 37,000 followers.


Are Social Advertisements A Game Changer?

by · March 12, 2012

Note: The following post originally appeared at as a guest post for my friend Jason Keith. I’m reposting it here for further discussion.

Real estate agent Jim Olenbush awoke one morning in 2010, opened his local newspaper, the Austin Statesman, and read a story about the drug violence in Mexico. The story indicated that affluent Mexican families were migrating to the U.S. in record numbers to flee the uncertainty of safety thanks to the drug cartels.

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The Golden Age of Facebook Advertising

by · December 14, 2011

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from author and entrepreneur Thomas Meloche.

The Wall Street Journal recently published growing rumors that Facebook may sell stock publicly in 2012. This Initial Public Offering (IPO) may value the Facebook at as much as 100 billion dollars. For Facebook to be this valuable somethings will need to change. Specifically, Facebook will have to make a whole lot more money from advertising.

For those who are already successful Facebook advertisers, the IPO marks the end of the golden age.

For those who have tried Facebook advertising and failed, however, the IPO likely marks the beginning of a new golden age.


The How-To Guide For Facebook Advertising

by · November 8, 2010

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from Anthony Piwarun, an interactive strategist and search marketer from Milwaukee, WI.

In February 2004, Facebook launched itself as a unique and innovative way to help college students keep in-touch with their recently graduated counterparts across the country. Seven years later, and now no longer exclusively for college students, this burgeoning website with more than 500 million users has become a full-fledged social networking platform. As Facebook’s popularity, and reach, has grown, so has the likelihood that members from your target audience will be on Facebook.

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