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Be A Part Of Something Special Today

by · November 1, 2013

The picture here is me and my son, Grant, watching Game 6 of the World Series this week. We were pulling for Boston but weren’t just couch potato-ing like many probably were Wednesday night. We were practicing scoring a baseball game.

Being a good baseball scorekeeper is something of a bit of pride for me. I never made it as an athlete, but I was one of the 4-5 official scorekeepers for the Birmingham Barons AA baseball team for four years. Being a baseball fan and enthusiast, I firmly believe that I’d be a horrible parent if I didn’t teach my children — Katie, age 5, is next — to keep score properly.

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Today Is The Day To Support Family Literacy

by · November 14, 2012

Today marks an online celebration of National Family Literacy Month and as part, those of us who are passionate about bringing about a more literate world through all generations (not just children) and walks of American life (not just English speakers or underprivileged) are excited about a first! The National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL), an organization on whose Board of Directors I am proud to serve, is having its first Social Media Fundraiser.

To help support multigenerational and functional literacy programs, education and support, we’d love for you to consider a monetary donation today — in any amount — to the NCFL. Now let me tell you why you should …


Blaming Technology For Our Shortcomings

by · December 6, 2011

There’s an amusing little meme that has been making its way through Facebook lately that takes a shot at people who are a little weak in the grammar and punctuation department. While there are several posts, images and facets to this mini-onslaught of jokes, pictures and even videos, my favorite is the e-card-type image with an attractive woman with her arm around a man saying, “You had me at the appropriate use of ‘you’re.”


Why I Support Family Literacy

by · April 5, 2011

Monday night I attended the National Center for Family Literacy‘s annual conference banquet. It was quite the affair, hosted by Jenna Bush Hager and featuring talks by both Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda, honorary chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation and Yohimi Inaba, presdient and COO of Toyota Motor North America. The banquet celebrated success stories in family literacy and the 20th anniversary of the organization, founded in Louisville by Sharon Darling in 1991.


Tackling America’s Literacy Problem From A Better Direction

by · October 4, 2010

Our education system is broken. We’ve become a society that ships our kids off to school and leaves the education up to the teachers. While the teachers do as good a job as can be expected, they aren’t the one-stop solution to educating our children. We need more than schools and teachers. We need to all be participants in education for our communities and our country to succeed.

In early 2008, I began working with the National Center for Family Literacy when they became a client of my former agency, Doe-Anderson. We helped formulate their early social media efforts and spearheaded a handful of digital strategies to help the organization move forward. (They’re still a client of Doe-Anderson, who continues to do excellent work.)