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What’s the Next Trend In Digital?

by · July 18, 2013

Most digital marketers I know are fascinated with trends. And one of the best tips in predicting trends is that for many major trends, there is often an equal and opposite countertrend. I learned this from Robyn Waters, the former trendmaster at Target, who developed the idea of design for the masses, and described countertrends in her book, The Hummer and The Mini.


Technology Is A Canvas, Not A Platform

by · May 1, 2013

This statement, spoken by David Droga, founder of the creative agency Droga5 at the Innovation Uncensored Conference,  best captured the truth about digital marketing today.  It points to the shift in marketing that’s occurred since the advent of social media and explains the surge in popularity of conferences and books about creativity and innovation.


A Conference That Can Help You Reinvent Your Business

by · February 28, 2013

Why do you go to a conference? Perhaps to learn more about tactics that have worked well for others. Or to network with people in your field. Often, it’s to educate yourself on cutting edge techniques or tools.

But can a conference help you become more innovative? Can a conference help you think beyond the scope of best practices and industry trends? Is it possible to return from a conference inspired and equipped to do the creative work that will help you reinvent your business?


Fast Company Leads Off With Microcommunity Home Run

by · February 9, 2008

Logging into Fast Company’s new online community ( now in public beta) a few weeks ago was a neat perk of having a social media friend at a big company. I took my head start, got in, played around for a few hours, liked what I saw, then moved on to something else, forgetting to come back to it. Silly screen shotShel  Israel’s post Friday reminded me I was a member of the Fast Company community and I should go back and see if I could find more friends that might start hanging out there, producing content, sharing ideas and all the things that come from social networks.