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The Slow Death of Feedburner Accelerates

by · October 17, 2012

Like it or not, kiddos, FeedBurner is going away.

Cry, whine, kick your feet if it makes you feel better. Work your way through the five stages of grief, if you like. The smoke signals coming out of the Googleplex for the past months might as well be an airplane skywriting “Abandon ship, FeedBurners” across the horizon.

If you’ve got a blog with thousands of  subscribers, it’s time to take action.


How Many People Actually Consume Your Content?

by · December 6, 2010

How do you measure the number of people your digital marketing efforts reach? More specifically for those of you using content marketing, blogging or similar activities on your website, how are you quantifying that success? Is it Google Analytics or other website measurement tools? Is it the number of RSS feed readers for your syndicated content? A combination of both?

To put it bluntly, if your CEO passed you in the hall five minutes from now and asked, “How many people read our blog each day?” what number would you quote?

Google Analytics v2.0
Image by vrypan via Flickr

Feedburner Gets Face Lift. Sign Of Things To Come?

by · December 2, 2010

I logged into Feedburner late today to check on some analytics and saw a “Try out the NEW (beta) version!” link at the top. While I don’t claim to even know if this is new-new, as in today new, or if it’s even been written about by others, I figured I’d turn on the camera and let y’all see what I see and talk about it a bit.


Determining Your Website’s Traffic On The Social Web

by · September 2, 2009

The social web has almost relegated website traffic to a shoulder shrug of a statistic  for some. But the number of people of visit your website or blog is an important measure of your reach or exposure. However, many people make a mistake in analyzing or even determining a website’s traffic. And the social web is partially to blame.

RSS feeds change not only the metric, but the information you’re looking for. Here’s why: