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How Social Media Makes Navigating New York a Walk in the Park

by · December 18, 2013

New York City is a sprawling metropolis filled with countless things to do and places to see. In the city that never sleeps, 8.3 million people are holding art shows, dining out, attending concerts, and doing chores at all hours of the day. How can you keep up with so many things happening 24/7?

Whether you’re a native or just stopping by to see the sights, these five social media-powered apps can help you navigate The Big Apple.

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Why Auto-Play Ads Will Make Facebook the Next Social Media Ghost Town

by · October 2, 2013

Remember the boom and ultimate demise of MySpace? The younger generation may not even know that Facebook had a predecessor, one that millions of people visited and updated regularly. However, it looks like Facebook will go a similar route as they begin to allow auto-play advertising on the site.

According to information from advertising executives, Facebook plans to insert auto-play video ads in the News Feed. These ads seem like a great idea for the advertisers, since it means that their audience doesn’t have a choice in watching the video. Users who are actively visiting the site could see multiple ads over a range of topics, and advertisers could cater the ads to things that the users have “liked” on Facebook.


The Comeback Kids

by · January 25, 2013

Last week, I found myself working on a strategy for MySpace. Yes, MySpace. The newest iteration of the old school social site ended its invitation-only private beta, coinciding with new co-owner Justin Timberlake launching his first single in over five years. The completely reimagined UX has gotten coverage by everyone from Mashable to Forbes.

Just the week prior, I was checking out rave reviews for the new iPhone app for Flickr, launched as part of Yahoo’s latest attempt to return to digital relevance.  It was a well-timed launch, coming just before the current front-runner in photo sharing platforms, Instagram, took a major misstep with their latest terms and conditions.


Should We Be Un-Integrating Our Marketing?

by · June 14, 2011

Ever notice that there are always two camps: One that wants to split things down the center and be all things to all people, and the other that is radically on one side or the other sucking down the Kool-Aid with a giant straw?

As of late I have found myself trying to be closer to the center, saying such things as you need an integrated marketing approach. I think that is a mistake. I should be asking, “What marketing venue or platform are you going to stop doing, before you start doing social media marketing?: The best way is NOT an integrated marketing approach. Businesses simply cannot add more things. More marketing equates to spending more money. A more appropriate question would be, “What are we going to stop doing in order to allow room for worn out ways to pass and new ways to emerge?”


Five Sure-Fire Resources For Compelling Blog Photography

by · May 5, 2010

If a picture is worth 1,000 words then the right picture is worth more. Choosing the right picture to use in your blog posts can be the difference between a user reading your post and really getting it. It can also supplement the meaning of your ideas with an etherial image that expands a reader’s understanding of the topic or sets their mind down an even better, unexplored path.

While there are certainly no shortage of photo sharing and image websites available to find good images for your blog, here are five sure-fire resources I use for compelling blog photography:


Flickr Pro Now Has Web Stats

by · December 13, 2007

Measurement geeks should ease up on the caffeine. They won’t need it for a couple days. Flickr Pro users now have access to web metrics on their images. The announcement was made this afternoon on the Flickr blog. Here’s a snapshot of my stats:

My Flickr Stats

The flat line must be prior to their crawlers added to measure. The spike for mine occurred on Nov. 26 when 216 images were viewed. Most of those (and frankly most of my total traffic) is from the images from my experiences with Robby Gordon at the Baja 1000. I’ve typed in a few racing terms in a Flickr search and I’m numbers 1-50 or so. Pretty cool.