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Flipboard as Your Monster Sharing Hub

by · September 25, 2013

Maybe you’ve seen Flipboard as that gimmicky iPad reader. Maybe you’ve played with it a little bit, but got away from it before you made it a real habit. Maybe you do enjoy just kicking back and flipping through content — after all, that’s what most people do with tablets anyway.

So what if I told you that Flipboard made a couple of tweaks recently that make it a serious consideration for your business?


Technology Is A Canvas, Not A Platform

by · May 1, 2013

This statement, spoken by David Droga, founder of the creative agency Droga5 at the Innovation Uncensored Conference,  best captured the truth about digital marketing today.  It points to the shift in marketing that’s occurred since the advent of social media and explains the surge in popularity of conferences and books about creativity and innovation.


Content Curation – It’s What’s for Breakfast These Days

by · February 17, 2011

It’s a rare morning that I don’t start out by looking at the news. No, I no longer get the newspaper delivered (it’s been years, actually), and I don’t usually flip to the front page of either.  These days I’m most likely to grab my iPhone (often while still in bed, if truth be told) and log on to smartr. This cool app brings me my Twitter stream, but curated to only include links and to strip out Foursquare checkins and other non-news stuff. Smartr then presents those links to me as a news feed. They say they’re bringing you “only the stuff you care about” – and for me, that’s exactly what it does.  [No disclosure necessary – I just love the app.]