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The Secret To Not Caring What’s Next

by · December 16, 2013

Social media emerged because consumers wanted to control their media environment. The confluence of dot-com developers, freshly out of work, realizing they needed to get more people on the web if they wanted to rebuild their jobs, and a growing consumer distaste for greedy corporations barking at them, produced the perfect temperature for social media platforms to take hold and grow.

Blogs trumped news sites because there were no pop-ups, paywalls or flashing ad-scapes. Social networks trumped television or radio for consumer time spent because there was more than one-way communication and it was mostly void of “buy this” or “click here!”


The Future of Social Media Is Real

by · October 30, 2010

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from Ilana Rabinowitz, Vice-President of Marketing for Lion Brand Yarn Company.

I have a friend who is an investment advisor. In 2005, he was talking to the man painting his house. The painter told him that he was going start investing in real estate because so many people he knew had made money flipping houses. That was my friend’s economic indicator that the housing bubble was about to burst. At the time, people thought he was crazy. But, his point was, that when people who have no understanding or interest in something start to jump in just because everyone else is doing it, take note of a possible bubble.


The Future Of The Social Web According To Forrester, Owyang

by · May 5, 2009

Jason Falls

Jason Falls

The ever-present and seemingly omniscient Jeremiah Owyang has authored another report from Forrester well worth reading. “The Future of the Social Web,” was released to Forrester clients on April 27. You can purchase the report or become a client on their website.

Owyang, along with editors and co-authors Josh Bernoff, Cynthia Pflaum and Emily Bowen, essentially cover the immediate future of the social web to which businesses need to focus with regard to OpenID. The report surmises, in essence, that today’s customer and business experience is frustrating because profile information varies from site to service and beyond. OpenID platforms like Facebook Connect offer data portability for individual identities. Essentially, you log in to one network and it carries your credentials through to other networks and unifies your social footprint.


The Sustainability Of Social Media

by · May 4, 2009

Jason Falls

Jason Falls

Rumor has it there is an advertising executive in my hometown of Louisville who, five or six years ago, said, “The Internet is a fad.” While I’m not sure if he’s changed his perspective, I wouldn’t doubt if he hasn’t. Not to put words in his mouth, but I can hear him saying, “Social Media is a fad,” in similar tones.


Predicting The Future of Social Media

by · December 3, 2008

Last night I spoke to the Social Media Club gathering in Chicago where I pontificated a bit on the future of social media. I’ve talked about the future of the agency and social media before in a guest post on Valeria Maltoni’s Conversation Agent, but hadn’t tackled the topic with such a wide-angle lens before.

As social media becomes more widely accepted as a communications channel, more and more businesses will find ways to use it. Some of them will innovate. Others will just follow, but because the core of social media and the corporation is connecting directly to one’s consumers, which makes them happy, we still only sit at the front end of the bell curve of this movement.