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What Happens When a Brand, Social Media and Mobile Meet?

by · July 9, 2013

At Social Media Explorer, we love great stories about what brands are doing in social media. Last week, I got a call from our good friend Audie at Audie is one of the most forward thinking marketers in social media and mobile that I’ve met in a really long time, so I always answer on the first ring! He told me about an awesome contest that is running that is blowing up on the social web and I thought it was a great story to share with you. I’m hoping it will spark some ideas for how your brand can use contesting.

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Five Social Media Trends for 2011

by · November 16, 2010

Where is social media headed? What is important to learn about now so that we feel like we’re “in the know” six months down the road?  Although everyone and their uncle is doing or will be doing 2011 prognostication pieces, I’m jumping into the fray and offering my own predictions and a bit of analysis on where we’re headed as we close out the final six weeks of 2010.