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Google – Let me be ME

by · November 8, 2013

I want to like Google. I really do.

But it is getting increasingly frustrating for both individuals and businesses to establish an online identity that is consistent across all platforms.

Let me explain my pain.

The I’s Have It

My name is Isaac Pigott. It has been since I was born. It will continue to be, unless I happen to witness a gangland murder, or stumble across evidence that forces me into the Witness Protection Program. (Which may be a fate worse than death for those who use social media.)


Is There a Dark Side of Google?

by · October 25, 2013

Full disclosure: I’m a Google stock owner and Google Analytics pro.
I feel like my parents just told me I’m adopted but gave me a fat bag of money to ease the pain. Read on to understand why…

Google recently stopped passing keyword data from searches to analytics platforms. This change means that reports within Google Analytics, Hubspot, and any other kind of analytics program will not provide keyword analytics for all of their Google search traffic.


Did Google Just Make You An SEO?

by · October 16, 2013

If you’re an SEO Company you might have some inkling of what I’m talking about, if not, you soon will. The past month has seen some big SEO developments. The thing is, they can’t really be called SEO developments anymore. Social Search developments would be more apt, as they really are equally important to both practices.

October saw the release of Moz’s 2013 Future of Search report. For those of you unfamiliar with this report, this is pretty much the Holy Grail for SEO’s. This report combines the findings and research of hundreds of the best SEO practitioners in the world, to deliver an overview of what makes a search engine tick.


What’s the Next Trend In Digital?

by · July 18, 2013

Most digital marketers I know are fascinated with trends. And one of the best tips in predicting trends is that for many major trends, there is often an equal and opposite countertrend. I learned this from Robyn Waters, the former trendmaster at Target, who developed the idea of design for the masses, and described countertrends in her book, The Hummer and The Mini.


How to Earn a Black Belt in Google+

by · February 13, 2013

I’m always amazed by Google+ profiles with over a million followersHow do people do it when most of us have a mere handful of friends on there? Viral marketing? Group eBook writing and promotion? Running on stage during one of those political debates? None of these seemed to account for arriving at that many followers.

(Because it actually boils down to a whole lot more)

In this post I’ll explain how to black belt in Google+. I’m no master, yet, but I have realized there are a few strategies out there to judo chop this social network that don’t exist at all on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s take a look.


What Facebook’s Graph Search Means For Marketers

by · January 16, 2013

Facebook announced Tuesday it will be slowly rolling out Graph Search, a handy search mechanism to help you find more relevant information from your social graph on Facebook. So instead of going to Google and searching for a Chinese restaurant in Louisville, you could go to Facebook and search for a Chinese restaurant in Louisville my friends recommend.

Google presents you with prioritized results based on its determination of relevance. These factors include website traffic, inbound links, recentness of page and so on.  While Google’s social search features sometimes appear and give you additional information like whether or not someone in your social network has given a particular result a +1 on Google+, for many social search features have not proved useful or even present.


Content Marketing: The Beautiful Buzz and the Hellacious Hangover

by · December 28, 2012

Traditional advertising diehards practically invented the two-martini lunch, but the old saps have been shunned from today’s meaningful marketing shindigs. To get their kicks, they mostly go to bonfire parties and burn their clients’ money.

Meanwhile, us new media maniacs are partying hard on content marketing.

The cork’s been yanked. Everyone’s tipping a glass.

And what a buzz. This gloriously intoxicating content marketing cocktail, this newly discovered recipe—two parts education, one part search, one part social—with an optional splash of advertising.


What Google+ Can Teach Us About Social

by · December 10, 2012

You don’t hear a lot of ballyhoo or trumpeting of Google+ these days, at least from Google. So when someone from the mothership speaks, it’s interesting to see what they say. CNET’s Casey Newton did a nice job of pulling some fantastic insights about Google+ out of its VP of Product, Bradley Horowitz during his talk at a Business Insider Conference recently.

The key insight: Google+ is not the focal point of the company’s efforts. It’s a fabric that ties many of Google’s products together.