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The Reality of Facebook Graph Search [CARTOON]

by · February 22, 2013

With the announcement of Graph Search, Facebook’s answer to Google’s search engine, privacy concerns are once more in the forefront of the minds of many users.  While no new personal information is being provided to the general public, Graph Search has made it exponentially easier for that information to be accessed.  Graph Search will enable people to tap into your timeline, check-ins, likes, employment and education history, and other personal information with a simple query.


What Facebook’s Graph Search Means For Marketers

by · January 16, 2013

Facebook announced Tuesday it will be slowly rolling out Graph Search, a handy search mechanism to help you find more relevant information from your social graph on Facebook. So instead of going to Google and searching for a Chinese restaurant in Louisville, you could go to Facebook and search for a Chinese restaurant in Louisville my friends recommend.

Google presents you with prioritized results based on its determination of relevance. These factors include website traffic, inbound links, recentness of page and so on.  While Google’s social search features sometimes appear and give you additional information like whether or not someone in your social network has given a particular result a +1 on Google+, for many social search features have not proved useful or even present.