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How To Be An Instigator

by · May 5, 2014

It was ninth grade English class, first period, Layne Tackett, Pikeville High School, 1987. We were beginning a section on Shakespeare and Mr. Tackett, in his calculated and intimidating way said, pointing to a word he’d scribbled on the board, “This is doth. You will pronounce it ‘doth’ like moth. It is actually pronounced ‘duth’ like stuff. But you will mispronounce it. So let’s just get it over with and agree to say ‘doth’ so I don’t get aggravated that half of you are saying it correctly while the other half are not.”

I raised my hand.


The Fun Of Strategic Thinking And Planning

by · August 30, 2010

There’s a 96-inch long white board in my office. It is where I collect my thoughts for specific projects as I’m writing, planning or producing them. It is currently full of lists and reminders for a client’s digital marketing and social media strategic plan. I go through notes from client meetings, make lists of potential strategics or tactics, throw broad concepts and ideas up, enumerate client concerns, brand values and relevant research and then I study the board for a while.


10 Ways To Jump Start Your Social Media Thinking

by · July 22, 2009

Jason Falls

Jason Falls

My house is an easy, 20-minute, rush hour commute from my office via the Interstate. Unless it’s raining or there’s an accident somewhere along the way, I can zip into work on a fairly predictable path.

Tuesday was one of those accident days, so I took the back way, along River Road, a beautiful, almost tree-covered path along the Ohio River to downtown Louisville. The drive reminded me that our path to finding the right social media solution for our clients or organizations can also become routine, stayed and predictable. Every now and then we need to veer off the beaten path to ensure we’re seeing the forest as well as the trees … and the birds, the chipmunks and the kids waiting for the bus.