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The Lie of Content Marketing

by · February 14, 2014

At the heart of content marketing—at least most of it—is an insidious lie, and one most of us aren’t even aware of. Why? Because we’re lying to ourselves. We give lip service to abandoning the “old ways” of firing messages at customers. We cloak ourselves in metaphors of gentle fishermen patiently waiting for customers to bite, or of farmers gently planting seeds. But guess what? We still think we—brands—are in control.

But we’re not. And we never have been.

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The B2B Sales Power Punch

by · June 18, 2013

Marketing has been shining the spotlight on the power of social media over the last few years. It’s been effective as we’ve seen budgets for social media and content marketing increase with hockey stick proportions. Now it’s time to add a new team in the race and look at how these tools can be used to drive sales in the organization. That means we need to take a hard look at where the sales team fits in the mix. I know a few of you just visibly cringed as you think of letting your sales team loose on social media channels, but the reality is that many of them are already there. If we don’t start empowering our sales teams with the knowledge they need to successfully use social media there will definitely be plenty to cringe about. I’ve always been a big believer in aligning sales and marketing to drive more sales because it’s in everyone’s best interest for the company to make more money. It isn’t an “us versus them” conversation anymore. We are all “them” and it’s time to band together to make some awesome together.

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Murder, Execution and Other Strategic Plans for Ambitious CMO’s

by · February 6, 2013

Chief Marketing Officers can’t rub out CEOs. It’s not fair because the CEO can surely deep-six the CMO. And if you’re a marketing exec intending to remain employed, you probably shouldn’t go on the record saying you don’t trust the CEO. However, CEOs can mistrust CMOs all they like. And they do.

In fact, according to a recent report by Fournaise Marketing Group, 70% of the 1,200 CEOs interviewed in their study don’t trust marketers’ abilities to deliver growth. A majority state marketing professionals are unable to prove ROI on campaigns. Ouch.

A little more fuel for the fire.

The report also says:


Social Media Sucks for Businesses and Here’s Why

by · May 16, 2012

Let’s just get straight to the point… social media sucks. Plain and simple. For years it’s been “business as usual” and then suddenly everyone is bouncing around words like “social”, “engage”, “community” and all kinds of other blather. Some of the biggest companies in the world such as Ford, Starbucks, Dell, American Express and many others have fallen for the trap. I’m here to warn you before you do anything stupid. Social media sucks and here’s a few reasons why …


What Inbound Marketing Is And Why You Should Have It

by · February 1, 2010

I spend zero dollars marketing my business. “Marketing” in its traditional sense includes advertising, baiting media outlets with press releases and, to paraphrase David Meerman Scott, buy, beg and borrow for leads and attention. The way people find out about my business is through two primary mechanisms: Word-of-Mouth recommendations and finding me through search engine results.

Word-of-Mouth, in this instance, is inclusive of people passing recommendations online. If an account manager at a public relations firm is looking for a social media consultant and asks his or her network online for a recommendation and my name surfaces, that’s word-of-mouth. When that recommendation comes from an electronic source, we have a tendency to say it’s not word-of-mouth. Machines don’t have mouths so we can’t quite wrap our head around the inclusion.