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Influencer Marketing Can Be An Easy Button

by · October 28, 2013

There isn’t a marketer alive not looking for an easy button. Our culture and societal influences make us thirsty for them. We want things here, now, fast, cheap and smart, and we don’t want to put forth any effort to get it.

Social Media Marketing seems like an easy button to those that know no better. “Just open a Facebook page!” “Just get on Twitter!” “It’s Free!” and other assurances have driven many of today’s marketers to think Social Media Marketing is an easy button for their success.

But it’s not. However, one facet of social marketing can get close.


The Influencer Continuum Model for Influencer Engagement

by · November 7, 2012

I’m a huge advocate for blogger programs and blogger engagement.  Those of you who have read me here at SME for a while know that I’m on a bit of a personal mission to improve outreach methods by PR and marketing people, and also help bloggers to work more effectively with marketers.  Good blogger programs are really a win-win for everyone, if true to both brand and blogger missions, and executed well.


Finding Influencers Using Your Own Algorithm

by · August 6, 2012

Awareness has added an interesting feature to its social media management solution with a new release this week. It’s essentially an influencer scoring and ranking functionality that allows you to set parameters or point values for a person’s action (Tweet, Retweet, Like, etc.) then score how they react or interact with your brand or content.

Scoring can be time dependent (more points if they’ve re-tweeted you in the last 14 days), geographic in nature (more points if they’re closer to you physically) and certainly reach/impact in nature (more points assigned to actions by those with higher follower counts, etc.).


Understanding Klout, Influence Marketing And Mark Schaefer

by · March 22, 2012

The hot new book on the market this spring is undoubtedly Mark Schaefer‘s first major label offering, Return on Influence: The Revolutionary Power of Klout, Social Scoring and Influence Marketing. With the identification of influencers and the often ego-driven game of social clout high on the need-to-know list of marketers, the time is right for an in-depth look at the subject. And Schaefer nails it with this book.

Now, this just so happens to coincide with Explore Nashville on April 13 which will feature, among other all-star speakers, Mark Schaefer. So I caught up with Mark this week to talk about the book, social influence’s long-term prospects, why Klout is the big focus right now and then what Mark will talk about in Nashville.


Socmetrics Offers Fast, Simple Influencer Identification

by · November 1, 2011

A new influencer identification tool has emerged that has quite a bit of promise. Socmetrics, a one-year-old company out of Boston, is similar to mBlast in that it looks at influencers through a topical filter. While Tom Webster may very well be influential in the worlds of social media marketing and market research, he is also an influential voice on wine. And mining his conversations and those around him shows that if you’re looking for it. Tools like Klout, which look at influence in more of a reach-based formula, don’t make topical distinctions very well. Socmetrics does.


The Landscape: SME’s List Of Influencer Identification Tools

by · January 10, 2011

After working on some influencer identification product reviews and stories recently, I decided it might be useful to compile a list of influencer discovery tools for your use. If I’m missing any software platforms or services in this list, please drop a comment or send me an email and I will update as needed. Consider this an ever-growing resource and bookmark it or share with your networks. I promise to update it and annotate it as needed. This list is not (yet) comprehensive. Please help me build it.

Influencer Identifcation Tools


Smart Targeting: Influencers Or Fans?

by · September 15, 2009

Note: The following is a guest post from Jeremy Epstein, founder and marketing navigator at Never Stop Marketing, a marketing consultancy based in Washington, D.C. It is the second in a series of guest posts from social media thinkers working in agencies and firms around the world. Perspective from the front lines, if you will. The series was inspired by Chuck Hemann, the research manager at Dix & Eaton in Cleveland, Ohio. He wrote the first in the series called, “The Five Ws of Social Media.”