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The Economics of Bad Outreach

by · November 1, 2012

I received an email pitch recently that prompted me to question the economics of lazy outreach.

Is there risk to the bottom line for organization’s that cut corners in the way they reach out to prospects and influencers? My theory is that the practice of lackluster research, or worse, the lack of research altogether, combined with the use of form letters, spam and automated emails has the potential to erode business value.


The K.I.S.S. Method of Digital Marketing

by · August 14, 2012

The more I talk to people about how they implement digital marketing the more I get frustrated. I’ve said before, “This ain’t rocket surgery.” In fact, I had a week-long argument with my editors over whether or not that was the proper expression. I told them it was a joke that combined two expressions. They were so caught up in being accurate they missed the joke part. But I digress.


Finding Influencers Using Your Own Algorithm

by · August 6, 2012

Awareness has added an interesting feature to its social media management solution with a new release this week. It’s essentially an influencer scoring and ranking functionality that allows you to set parameters or point values for a person’s action (Tweet, Retweet, Like, etc.) then score how they react or interact with your brand or content.

Scoring can be time dependent (more points if they’ve re-tweeted you in the last 14 days), geographic in nature (more points if they’re closer to you physically) and certainly reach/impact in nature (more points assigned to actions by those with higher follower counts, etc.).


A Guide To Influence Measurement Tools Worth Reading

by · July 9, 2012

The fine folks at The Realtime Report have put together a very nice guide to understanding social influence measurement tools that should be rather helpful if you’re interested in understanding and leveraging influencers in your marketing program. And the fine folks at Appinions are offering a limited supply of those reports for free. Honestly, I missed this report when it first came out, but have recently read it and am quite impressed.

Not only is it thorough and thoughtful, but even breaks the tools (like Klout, Kred, Traackr and so on) down into personal influence and contextual influence spheres. I consider myself fairly well-read on the topic and I learned a few things here.


Connecting With Super Bloggers? Think Content.

by · April 7, 2011

Robert Scoble doesn’t strike me as a media baron. When I had lunch with the technology evangelist a few years ago, he came across as likeable, interesting, curious and of course connected to everything technology.

But looks can be a little deceiving.  Since co-authoring Naked Conversations in 2006, he’s built up an army of followers and now wields influence that would make a media buyer drool, particularly in Silicon Valley, home of geeks and early adopters.

Image representing Robert Scoble as depicted i...

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Redefining FriendFeed

by · May 18, 2009

Jason Falls

Jason Falls

For the longest time I have had a rather eye-rolling reaction when people mention FriendFeed. The life streaming service certainly has its merits and aggregating all of your social activity into one place is a nice function. However, using FriendFeed as your primary place of interaction constricts the number of people you can interact with (not everyone uses FriendFeed), while conversely, avoiding FriendFeed means it becomes an impersonal, automated broadcaster of what you do.