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The Influencer Continuum Model for Influencer Engagement

by · November 7, 2012

I’m a huge advocate for blogger programs and blogger engagement.  Those of you who have read me here at SME for a while know that I’m on a bit of a personal mission to improve outreach methods by PR and marketing people, and also help bloggers to work more effectively with marketers.  Good blogger programs are really a win-win for everyone, if true to both brand and blogger missions, and executed well.


Social Media Does Not Equal PR

by · December 7, 2010

Lately I’ve gotten involved in a number of discussions with public relations people who are trying to leverage social for their clients’ needs.  Some of these people are socially active, but not entirely socially savvy; I feel like I sound like a broken record when I use the words “engagement” and “sustained” and “slow build” over and over again to try and describe how social media works.  So I’ve put together a comparison to show some of the ways in which PR and social media are different … because they are.  Really different.


The Tipping Point Is Toast, But Watts Didn’t Burn It

by · January 29, 2008

Fast CompanyClive Thompson’s Fast Company story about Duncan Watts and his stance that books like Malcolm Gladwell‘s The Tipping Point and The Influentials by Ed Keller and Jon Berry are basically bunk – that influencers play only a minor part in trend setting and producing the viral effect so many brands and marketers are in search of – is an interesting read. As Rob May of put it, “I always enjoy seeing conventional wisdom kicked in the face.”


Why Networking Socially Beats Social Networking Every Time

by · October 31, 2007

Add friends, send Digg shouts, use the @Twitter function all you want, the real way to grow your blog, business or network of contacts is to pry yourself away from the keyboard, the PDA and interact with other human beings.

MiltonYes, Milton, this mean’s you.

As I ready for Blog World & New Media Expo next week in Las Vegas, I’m compelled to follow good advice and make a list of folks I want to meet, even if it is just for coffee, a cocktail or a handshake and face-to-name connection in the hallway. Even if I do have the advantage of accompanying super blogger Rob May and entrepreneurial whiz Todd Earwood for easy introductions, there are folks I want to connect with that might be scared off by Earwood.