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5 Best Apps to Build Your Online Professional Profile

by · May 30, 2013

In this modern world, if you aren’t online, you don’t exist. A Microsoft study found that 79 percent of employers will research their job candidates online. Perhaps even more startling, 70 percent say they rejected a potential employee based on what they found. Read on to learn about my five best apps to ensure your online image is represented professionally.


The Heavyweight of Professional Networking Apps 

The LinkedIn app allows you to potentially connect with more than 175 million professionals, and that number is growing by two new members every second. Of course it’ll take a significant amount of effort to do so much smartphone schmoozing, but the ability to connect to so many people in your past and your potential employment future on the go is exciting. No wonder the mobile site is LinkedIn’s fastest growing service.


The Comeback Kids

by · January 25, 2013

Last week, I found myself working on a strategy for MySpace. Yes, MySpace. The newest iteration of the old school social site ended its invitation-only private beta, coinciding with new co-owner Justin Timberlake launching his first single in over five years. The completely reimagined UX has gotten coverage by everyone from Mashable to Forbes.

Just the week prior, I was checking out rave reviews for the new iPhone app for Flickr, launched as part of Yahoo’s latest attempt to return to digital relevance.  It was a well-timed launch, coming just before the current front-runner in photo sharing platforms, Instagram, took a major misstep with their latest terms and conditions.


SoLoMo Show Ep 37: Twitter’s (Good & Bad) Changes and Does the iPhone 5 Signal the Death of NFC?

by · September 23, 2012

The SoLoMo Show is a weekly podcast hosted by Adam Helweh and Cory OBrien. Each week they discuss topics, trends and tactics related to social, local and mobile marketing.


3 Ways to Use Pinterest For Marketing Research

by · February 14, 2012

Barely over 1 month into 2012 and folks around the web have been dubbing Pinterest as this year’s social media site to watch. This propelled by the sudden growth in users and talk of how businesses have seen considerable referral traffic from the site. Brands like Whole Foods, Land’s End and Etsy have set up profiles and amassed tens of thousands of followers across their pin boards and profiles. Even our very own Jason Falls has been sharing his thoughts on Pinterest’s marketing potential.


The Magic Words

by · December 27, 2010

Businesses are clamoring to hear the magic words that will let them know what to do in the social space. And those magic words are as familiar in everyday speech as they are absent in any real conversation about social media adoption:

Yes and No.

Simple Answers?

I have a bad feeling about this...I was on a panel discussion recently in Birmingham, where the theme was trends for 2011. Our audience was not the tweet-up insider crowd — I was pleased to see that most of them were from small businesses, and most of them didn’t look like Digital Natives. I was also pleased to find out that most of them were on Facebook, and nearly all of them had heard of Twitter, even if they weren’t active.