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Three Reasons Youtility Is The Most Important Book You’ll Read

by · July 8, 2013

Since roughly 1997, people have been blogging about what we now know as social media. Shortly thereafter, some of those prognosticators began talking about how businesses should use it. If you wanted to take all the advice doled out in that time and synthesize it into a meaningful manuscript of what being social as a business is about, you’d have the book Youtility by Jay Baer.


8 Step Social Media Strategy [Infographic]

by · March 27, 2013

Although social media continues to thread its way into the fibre of more and more organizations, my experience is that many small to mid-sized companies are still lagging behind when it comes to the development and implementation of their social media strategies.

A recent study by the Altimeter Group might suggest otherwise, stating that “most companies feel they have fairly coherent social strategies”, but given the advanced nature of the sample i.e. social strategists, large organizations, etc. my sense is that the findings may not represent the experiences of the majority of companies that are using social media.


Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help Not Hype

by · February 21, 2013

We are cultivating a kick-ass speaker roster for the Explore events in 2013 that is sure to rock your socks off but also teach you, inform you and send you home with the knowledge that helps your digital marketing efforts. To that end we would like to introduce some of the brilliant minds that will be gracing our stages in Scottsdale, Minneapolis, Atlanta and Dallas.

This post is by Jay Baer of Convince and Convert.


Explore. The Next Generation Event for Social Media and Digital Marketing

by · January 22, 2013

Let’s face it. We’re into this whole social media and digital marketing thing pretty deep. Many of us have been in the trenches for enough time to know the basics. When we see social media 101 or digital marketing 102 we throw up a little bit in our mouths. Not because it isn’t valuable information, but because we’ve surpassed the need for fundamentals.


Social Media Workflow [Infographic]

by · December 19, 2012

News flash – there are costs associated with social media.

It’s well established that social media technologies – the applications, networks and platforms that drive tactical implementation – are not considered by most to be a cost barrier. The fact is that many tools are free or very affordable. But social media still has costs attached to it – a “different kind of expensive” as my friend Jay Baer likes to say.


Be Prepared as Digital Natives Demand the 4 Hour Work Week Lifestyle

by · December 4, 2012

After spending 15 years in Corporate America it didn’t take long for me to realize that my generation,  Generation X, quickly fell into the traditions of our parent’s generation, the Boomers. We all commute to work in our high rise buildings, we peer our heads over our desk in North Cubeland, we work 9-5, take our 2-4 weeks of vacation each year, and spend most of our days in conference rooms having meetings about our meetings. In the last decade we’ve started to see innovations with flexible work schedules, work from home options and creative work spaces. As Gen Xers this was liberating and we began to feel like we had work life balance.


Exploring Today’s Karaoke of Marketing

by · August 19, 2012

Explore hit Minneapolis this week for two days. In thirty-six hours, 250 people listened to the two-day event and heard ideas, tips, trends, best practices and rants covering today’s world of marketing.

As Explore founder Jason Falls welcomed the crowd representing professionals leading digital marketing efforts for SMBs and big corporate brands he challenged the speakers to go big with ideas. He warned the audience members that the two-day exploration would be “fast and furious” with some sessions lasting only 20 minutes. And then, the first keynote, Jay Baer took the stage.


Explore Minneapolis Day One: Nothing Mini About Today’s Explorers

by · August 17, 2012

Over 250 professionals have ventured to Minneapolis for this week’s most trending event in social media and digital marketing. Minneapolis, home to many of the country’s iconic brands including 3M, Target, General Mills, Ameriprise Financial and St. Jude Medical – to name only a few, is also home to Explore for two days.

As part of SME’s five city national tour, Jason Falls and his A-list of speakers are presenting the facts, trends, tips and ideas to benefit the individuals who are tasked to succeed and grow businesses.


Succeeding in Social Media, One Session at a Time

by · March 13, 2012

There are tons of social media conferences out there and it’s hard to decide which ones will have the best speakers,  accommodations, networking opportunities and food (aside from Explore, of course). But what if there was a conference that featured 27 of the industry’s leading professionals, recordings and transcripts of each session, AND it’s acceptable to be anti-social because it’s all held virtually? Heh.

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