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Three steps to nailing channel strategy

by · March 6, 2014

Last week we had a great conversation about social media marketing being at risk because we are not yet nailing the content and listening side of the equation. I completely skipped channel relevance because I feel it is a bigger challenge. Having a strong channel strategy scares a lot of marketers because they know in their hearts that a solid approach to channels take more time and energy than they may be ready to commit.

I am here to tell you that these thoughts are partly true and partly false. You see, the mistake I think marketers make in channel strategy is a three-part problem. One, the belief that one status update fits all. Second, that all channels are created and function equally. And finally, that you have to be on ALL of them. Let’s break it down a bit.


Employee Satisfaction and Evangelism With Social Media

by · February 26, 2014

It is a well-documented fact that a happy employee is a productive employee. Since our economy shifted from being industrial to service-oriented, keeping your work force happy in the office has become an important aspect of company culture. Numerous studies have been conducted on the subject of increasing employee satisfaction as a function of a more favorable company culture. Moreover, most experts agree that a positive company culture encourages employees to think of the company as part of their identity.


Mobile, Mobile Everywhere

by · November 27, 2013

Mobile has been flavor of the month for what seems like an eternity now. Recently I wrote about Facebook’s recent developments in the mobile space, and how their mobile business model is moving closer towards ‘fruition’. LinkedIn it seems is the latest social network to shower their users with some mobile love.

Over the past couple of months, LinkedIn has made some small, but significant moves towards increasing the stickiness and usage of its mobile app. The most significant of these recently has been the ability to endorse a LinkedIn connection via mobile.

What do these developments mean for us as social marketers?


5 Steps to Determine the Perfect Social Media Strategy

by · September 18, 2013

For small and medium-sized businesses, the prospect of developing a comprehensive social media strategy is overwhelming. Which networks should you use? How do you keep up with conversations and engage your audience across half a dozen platforms? How often should you post updates? By following a few simple steps and creating a strategic plan, a perfect social media strategy is well within your reach.


The Birth of the Social Sales Force

by · August 7, 2013

Can you remember the last time you were cold called by a company? I can. I remember that familiar  embarrassed, awkward feeling wash over me as a complete stranger proceeded to subject me to a series of ill structured, and ill-concealed, sales questions in an attempt to ‘open me up’. Needless to say, it didn’t work.

The hard sell is dead. That’s subject to opinion, of course, in this instance however; it’s not just my opinion. It’s an opinion being touted by innovators, sales people, corporates and small businesses alike. In this article I’m going to be prodding an angry bear with a stick. I’m challenging the opinion still held by thousands of sales teams and companies across the world that cold calling and telesales is still king, and I’m bringing friends to the party.


4 Time Management Tips for the On-the-Go Social Media Manager

by · August 2, 2013

Keeping up with social media can get difficult, especially if you have a lot of accounts to deal with at the same time. However, if you’re careful about your time management and have some great apps to help you, social media management on-the-go or on a freelance basis becomes simpler.


The B2B Sales Power Punch

by · June 18, 2013

Marketing has been shining the spotlight on the power of social media over the last few years. It’s been effective as we’ve seen budgets for social media and content marketing increase with hockey stick proportions. Now it’s time to add a new team in the race and look at how these tools can be used to drive sales in the organization. That means we need to take a hard look at where the sales team fits in the mix. I know a few of you just visibly cringed as you think of letting your sales team loose on social media channels, but the reality is that many of them are already there. If we don’t start empowering our sales teams with the knowledge they need to successfully use social media there will definitely be plenty to cringe about. I’ve always been a big believer in aligning sales and marketing to drive more sales because it’s in everyone’s best interest for the company to make more money. It isn’t an “us versus them” conversation anymore. We are all “them” and it’s time to band together to make some awesome together.

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Job Searching in a New Media World

by · June 5, 2013

It’s well-documented that it’s harder than ever to land a job. The reasons are myriad and include high unemployment rates, college grads with the wrong skillset, and massive amounts of noise in the hiring pipeline. The web has made it far easier to apply for jobs, and as a result, hiring managers see thousands of resumes for nearly every job they post.

The nature of work itself has also changed. As my blogging colleague Nichole Kelly has said, technology is rapidly shifting the way the workforce is assembled and how companies are structured. Millennials and digital natives are looking for non-traditional work environments, and companies who are able to adapt to the new expectations seem to attract top young talent.


5 Best Apps to Build Your Online Professional Profile

by · May 30, 2013

In this modern world, if you aren’t online, you don’t exist. A Microsoft study found that 79 percent of employers will research their job candidates online. Perhaps even more startling, 70 percent say they rejected a potential employee based on what they found. Read on to learn about my five best apps to ensure your online image is represented professionally.


The Heavyweight of Professional Networking Apps 

The LinkedIn app allows you to potentially connect with more than 175 million professionals, and that number is growing by two new members every second. Of course it’ll take a significant amount of effort to do so much smartphone schmoozing, but the ability to connect to so many people in your past and your potential employment future on the go is exciting. No wonder the mobile site is LinkedIn’s fastest growing service.