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Why You Are Ignoring The Most Important Data

by · April 11, 2013

Business is having a love affair with big data. In the last few months it seems that every conference and webinar I come across has “big data” on the agenda.

Big data is the allure of more. More information. More access to behavior. Opportunities for more sophisticated analysis.  The thinking goes likes this: If we know every move people make then we not only know everything,  but we can predict everything.  As business people we love it because the information is finite, scalable and measurable.


The Secret Sauce Of A Great Blog Post

by · January 17, 2013

People are wired to connect.  Neuroscientists have discovered that there is a part of our brains in the prefrontal cortex that helps us tune into other people, making the connections that are necessary to create relationships that help us survive.

How does this little bit of neuroscience have anything to do with blogging?  Because the most successful blog posts are those where the writer has tuned into something that the reader is experiencing.  This affects that part of the brain, generating an emotional connection with the reader.


If Social Media Were A Stock, How Much Would You Invest?

by · September 28, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I attended a conference for e-commerce executives. There were two keynotes that blew me away.  For opposite reasons.

The first was by Ray Kurzweil, the inventor and futurist, who spoke about the exponential growth of technology, science and medicine. Showing several graphs indicating year-over-year growth in the triple digits, he demonstrated how the world does not only seem to be changing faster than we remember in these areas — it is. As a result, a few years in the future, technology will change in ways that are beyond (most of) our imaginations. The trajectory of social media is even steeper than most of the changes that Kurzweil demonstration.


When Marketing Becomes Media, Millions Follow

by · February 9, 2011

Everyone knows that marketing today is different from what it was 10 years ago. But to get an idea of how different, ask yourself, “What did your company’s marketing budget look like in 2001?” At Lion Brand Yarn Company, in 2001 we spent most of our consumer marketing dollars on advertising, printing, and postage and I handled most of the marketing myself.