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Pumping the Brakes

by · April 10, 2014

We’re a competitive bunch, aren’t we? Always in a race. Somewhere. Anywhere. We love being first. We are in a hurry to be first. Always. Endlessly. We are always trying to be first, predict the future and beat our competitors to whatever we predict the next big thing will be. We do it in social all the time. We seem to covet this action. Got to be the first on the latest social platform. Need to be the first fully scaled social selling organization. We even race to be the first to RT something or comment on something.


You’re Fat and Broke… Now, Like Us on Facebook!

by · September 19, 2013

Death, taxes, utilities, banks. All things we cannot really avoid with any level of grace. And interestingly enough, all are represented in some way on Facebook. Sorry, but this feels slightly absurd. I know Facebook is now considered the Internet and if you are not on Facebook then, well… forget about it. And as a social media and digital strategist, this might also sound absurd, but, I believe that you should engage in channels that make sense for your business in its quest to make money. I also believe that if you want to market your business on Facebook, you better have a kick-ass plan to do it. You need to not only be listening to your audience; you need to take those insights to develop content that will resonate with them. You need to cultivate relationships with people online if you are going to generate leads from Facebook. But honestly, sometimes, I wonder: What do people want out of their “institutions” on Facebook.

When I think about these types of questions, I try to take off my marketer hat and put on my consumer hat. And when I think about what I want to see from my bank on Facebook, my initial answer is “nothing!” Then I have to wonder why. And that is where it gets interesting…When I think about a bank post, and honestly when I look at what banks post, I see some sort of savings tip. And then I stop reading and head to Amazon. Because someone telling you to save money is like having your mom call you and tell you that you look fat in those jeans. Both are important messages and will get a reaction, but it just isn’t what people want to hear when they are drinking coffee and looking at Julie’s kids on the first day of school.


The Fourth Question Has Changed

by · July 17, 2013

This is a strange time for marketers. So many of the fundamental metrics that have been essential to the business have been rendered either meaningless or less meaningful. The definition of “audience” has changed, and the math now reflects niches and behavior and tracking to a degree that is as useful  as it is maddening.

Some consultants will tell you that if you create great content, you don’t have to worry as much. And they used to be right. The successful marketers have injected added value to their messages – some opting for humor, some for utility, others for sheer journalistic weight. But the recipe for great content isn’t as easy as just adding butter (and given Paula Deen’s woes, butter might be the only entity that hasn’t cut ties with her.)

Still, there are some basic steps that you can walk through to ensure you aren’t entirely losing your way. Ask yourself:  


Revised Study Reminds Brands Of The Blind Spot

by · April 3, 2013

Social analytics platform Venuelabs first alerted us to the existence of a huge brand blind spot in social monitoring in 2011. The software, which focuses on monitoring your online storefronts — Yelp pages, Foursquare pages, Facebook pages, etc. — rather than performing keyword-based social monitoring like most listening platforms, is a slightly different spin on brand listening. Venuelabs’ perspective is to focus on your owned social pages.


Reporting from Explore Dallas-Fort Worth: One Recurring Theme

by · February 20, 2012

A common thread ran across several Explore Dallas Fort Worth conference sessions: pay attention and listen to your customers and your audience.

I know, I know …

BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious) from the Big D.

Thanks a lot.

Unfortunately, that same thread keeps getting pulled because so many businesses do NOT listen, or if they do ask questions, their head is not open to hearing the answers or acting on them.

Over and over again, Explore speakers explained why something so simple is vital to business success.


Social Media Monitoring and the “Likely Voter” Model

by · November 2, 2010

This is not a political post, but as I write this, I am on a plane headed to our election headquarters, as my company prepares to conduct the National Election Exit Polls on behalf of the major news networks. While this is an enormously complex effort, one thing we don’t have to worry about is predicting whether or not you actually voted. After all, if you are interviewed leaving your voting precinct, you just voted.


Social Media:  What To Share and How To Share

by · September 3, 2010

Rule #1 of Twitter use – be helpful – right?  Does that make sense to you?  Absolutely.  Can you screw up your implementation of Rule #1 and ruin your Twitter presence?  Absolutely.    By the way, this rule applies to all forms of social media.

Let’s look at the idea of sharing in the context of two questions:

  • What to share
  • How to share

Automated social media – efficiency versus effectiveness

Megaphone by Kimba Howard on FlickrYou can automate parts of your social media presence.  ReTweet buttons are a simple example:  two clicks and you’ve Tweeted a useful link instead of typing it all out.  You can even set up automated Tweets, similar to E-Mail autoresponders.  Similar examples apply to other social media tools.


Viralheat Makes More Social Media Monitoring Free

by · August 25, 2010

In February, we talked about social media monitoring newcomer Viralheat and how they were lowering the barrier to entry for social media monitoring by offering quality results at lower-than-typical prices. Now the rising start-up is doing even more to shake up the monitoring landscape by offering a top layer of monitoring results through its Charts feature to anyone … for free.


Exploring Social Media Monitoring: An Industry Survey

by · February 24, 2010

You could say the social media monitoring industry has been the single fastest-growing niche in the world of technology over the past three years. As more companies engage in social media, participate in conversations and launch social media initiatives, the demand to monitor what is being said and analyze that data is critical for companies to not only read and react, but also fund and staff social initiatives.

Because social media monitoring has been one of my favorite topics here on Social Media Explorer, I’m asked my opinions of the tools regularly. I try hard to review different ones as often as possible without this becoming a blog about social media monitoring exclusively. But the industry seems to be growing, and becoming more competitive, with each passing day.