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Are You Ready For Your Impact Equation?

by · October 24, 2012

My friends Chris Brogan and Julien Smith finally have a follow-up to their 2010 New York Times best-seller Trust Agents. It’s a useful collection of stories and exercises to help you spread ideas. While the authors claim it’s not a social media book (and are a bit defensive about that early on), it turns out that it really is in a lot of ways. But it’s helpful for the offline, too.


How To Make Your Business Awesome

by · July 30, 2012

Scott Stratten‘s new book, The Book of Business Awesome, launches today. If you’ve read his first book, Unmarketing, you won’t need any convincing to get the new one. Scott’s piercing advice and often humorous analysis of what companies are doing right and wrong or should do to build awesome experiences for their customers are sage nuggets of wisdom.

And as Scott does often, he has put together some awesome to go along with the launch. The first 250 people to pre-order one copy get another copy for their local library. The first 125 to pre-order two copies get the library copy plus a free mini-poster of Scott’s trademark, “Jackass Whisperer,” comment. (See one on Scott’s post here.) For people who order more quantities, there’s more benefits. Scott’s post has them spelled out.


Don’t We All Just Want To Be Unpopular?

by · March 21, 2012

When people have asked (or complained) about the title to my book No Bullshit Social Media, I’ve answered with this explanation: The world isn’t an end sum game. I don’t need every person interested in social media marketing to buy the book. I need a few thousand and we’ll be just fine. If the word Bullshit offends you, the book isn’t for you. And that’s fine.