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What You Need To Know About Big Data

by · December 12, 2012

Chances are, you’re not a data analyst for the federal government, McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, AT&T, NASA or Google. Provided my guess is right, here’s what you need to know about Big Data: Nothing. Ignore it. It won’t effect you … at least in your job.

Still, around every corner is another businesstech or social prognosticator saying that Big Data is the next big thing. Certainly, for international retailers needing to understand META trends in purchase behavior and governments (from local to Federal) around the world trying to understand infrastructure issues like transportation surface decay and crime rate fluctuations, Big Data is important. To think it isn’t would be ignorant. But for 99.9% of all professionals, especially marketers, Big Data is an infuriating waste of brain power. Don’t try to understand it or solve it or see how it applies to your business. It won’t.


Asking More Questions About Best Time To Blog Data

by · January 20, 2012

My friend Jason Keath at Social Fresh offered up some interesting statistics from Shareaholic this week on a blog post entitled, When Is The Best Time Of Day To Blog. Like similar data that has been shared elsewhere on best time to tweet, best time to post to Facebook and the like, this information is interesting, but I maintain my concern that people will read far too much into it and alter their marketing plans, perhaps at their own peril.