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Report Shows Social Channel Effectiveness … Maybe

by · January 26, 2015

The latest report on marketing leadership is out from Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Their survey of 5,000 marketers asks questions like what specific channels are you using for digital marketing, do you plan to increase your spend here, and so on. Reports like this don’t mean much to an individual company other than showing overall trends. But they’re still useful.

The study focuses on the digital space, so there’s no real comparison to off-line tactics or execution, but with that in mind, here’s my quick read of the report which surfaced a few interesting nuggets:

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Is Your Digital Strategy Designed to Fail or Designed to Deliver?

by · February 11, 2014

How often does your marketing team put together a strategic plan? After 15 years in corporate America I have a pretty good sense for how this goes. If you operate on a calendar year budget cycle, budget talks typically start in October. For those operating on a fiscal year, you probably start around April.

Let’s take a look at the good, bad and ugly in strategic planning for corporate marketing teams.


What Makes A Company Incredible?

by · November 4, 2013

Marketers have an oft-times irrational opinion of their own powers. Many are led to believe, or have convinced themselves, that their work alone can make a company incredible. Certainly marketing, which in my mind is inclusive of customer experience and has impact on product but isn’t often directly responsible for product, has a lot to do with a company’s success. But it alone is simply the fluff, spin and buzz that consumers tend to find off-putting.

But if it’s not just marketing, then what is it that makes an incredible company?

Here are my thoughts. I’m interested in yours as well.


Introducing One:Me Marketing

by · October 17, 2013

Lately I have been gazing into my crystal ball trying to conjure the future of digital marketing. And, you know what I see, I see a day when we can create experiences that are so real time, offers so personal that we embark on the age of what I call One:Me Marketing. One:Me Marketing is something that I have been talking about and writing about for nearly a year. It is the next step in our marketing evolution. Right now, we are elbow deep in one-to-one marketing. We used to and still engage in one-to-many marketing. And with the advent of open social platforms, the promise of One:Me can be realized.


Everything you think about Big Data is wrong!

by · October 3, 2013

Every day there is a new post about the impact of big data on marketing. In fact, most people in marketing leadership are concerned about what they are going to do about big data. It is challenging to understand and as a profession, we are working really hard to make heads and tails of the ones and zeroes. The Holy Grail that big data promises to deliver is that we marketers will have insanely tailored insights about our consumers so that we can get our messages in front of them at that zero moment of truth.


Social Media: Why it’s a Big Fat Waste of Time and Money!

by · July 10, 2013

Kate chuckled as she repeated the reporter’s question: “Do we have a social media strategy? Of course we do! To get as many Facebook likes as humanly possible!”

Social media has been the next big thing for several years. And now brands just like Kate’s are increasingly throwing lots and lots of money at it. And why not? It’s become quite popular.

Unfortunately though, most of their investment is going down the drain. Why? Because many brands treat social media like a shiny new toy:  it’s different, fun to play with, and most importantly, everyone else has one.


How to Turn An Authentic Marketing Strategy Into Marketing Action

by · October 10, 2012

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from John Jantsch, a marketing consultant, speaker and author. The ideas in this post are drawn from his most recent work – The Commitment Engine – Making Work Worth It. Find more information at

To me getting clear about strategy is the most important challenge business owners face and today.

I think you find your true authentic and perfect strategy by first looking inward and choosing a marketing strategy that is infused with who you are, why you do what you do and how you can use story to attract opportunities and clients.


Content Dilution (and How to Avoid It)

by · March 7, 2012

A small diner in the northeast had a popular dish and an owner who could have easily been elected mayor if he wasn’t obsessed with making people smile with their mouths full.

Over the years, he’d perfected his clam chowder recipe – focusing on finding the best ingredients and carefully preparing each bowl by hand – and the locals thanked him with their dollars and their loyalty. Word spread about the famous clam chowder and people would drive dozens of miles out of their way just to get a bowl on a cold winter day.

New England clam chowder. Source: http://pdpho...

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You Are One Hire Away From A World-Class Marketing Team

by · January 11, 2012

Reading Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs, I was struck by the story of something that happened to him in elementary school.  Jobs was, of course, a brilliant child and, not surprisingly, he was very bored with his education.  He entertained himself by playing pranks that caused increasingly more trouble as they become more complex and were able to fool more and more people. Finally, in fourth grade, his principal realized that something needed to be done.  Jobs was moved to an advanced class with a new teacher.

He described that teacher to his biographer as “one of the saints of my life.”