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Why Auto-Play Ads Will Make Facebook the Next Social Media Ghost Town

by · October 2, 2013

Remember the boom and ultimate demise of MySpace? The younger generation may not even know that Facebook had a predecessor, one that millions of people visited and updated regularly. However, it looks like Facebook will go a similar route as they begin to allow auto-play advertising on the site.

According to information from advertising executives, Facebook plans to insert auto-play video ads in the News Feed. These ads seem like a great idea for the advertisers, since it means that their audience doesn’t have a choice in watching the video. Users who are actively visiting the site could see multiple ads over a range of topics, and advertisers could cater the ads to things that the users have “liked” on Facebook.


The Comeback Kids

by · January 25, 2013

Last week, I found myself working on a strategy for MySpace. Yes, MySpace. The newest iteration of the old school social site ended its invitation-only private beta, coinciding with new co-owner Justin Timberlake launching his first single in over five years. The completely reimagined UX has gotten coverage by everyone from Mashable to Forbes.

Just the week prior, I was checking out rave reviews for the new iPhone app for Flickr, launched as part of Yahoo’s latest attempt to return to digital relevance.  It was a well-timed launch, coming just before the current front-runner in photo sharing platforms, Instagram, took a major misstep with their latest terms and conditions.


3 Mission Critical Reasons to Convert Fans and Followers into Email Subscribers

by · February 28, 2012

It isn’t difficult to put together a strategy to convert fans and followers into something you actually own — email subscribers. But too many are putting the effort on the backburner in favor of figuring out a new popular social network. Converting fans and followers to email subscribers is just smart. The benefits exceed those found with preserving your investment in social activity. The benefits are also found in what you do with the email database on an on-going basis.

Here are three reasons you should start taking email acquisition seriously and make it one of your top goals for 2012.


Will Facebook Reign Supreme In 2011? History Says Maybe Not.

by · January 8, 2011

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post written by Melissa Barker, who specializes in online and social media marketing for Siber Systems.

The infamous leak of 100 million Facebook user pages in July of 2010 caused a scare among users and created what may turn out to be a golden opportunity for potential Facebook competitors. A security researcher by the name of Ron Bowes created a script that downloaded the information that users chose to make publicly available from the Facebook User Directory. Hence, this alleged leak was actually nothing more than the collection and publication of user information already made public by 100 million Facebook users.


Persistence: The Key to Social Media Strategy

by · April 3, 2009

“After deciding on a course of action, stick to it. This gives your plan the strength of consistency of action.” Gerald Michaelson – Sun Tzu for Success

David Finch

David Finch

In my recent post, “How to Embrace the Process of Social Media” I communicated my ideas, “that the implementation of a social media strategy is a process more then just one or two events.” The engine that keeps that process moving forward is the discipline of being persistent.


Research Shows Brands Should Focus On Trust, Conversation

by · October 24, 2008

Brand managers and marketers everywhere are trying to get a grasp on social media, social networking and the social revolution. In the survival of the fittest world of advertising, “fit” now means connected, and not as in, “having an online presence,” but as in, “with consumers in their social world on-line and off-.”

But because the social web is so new, very little qualitative and quantitative research exists that give marketers and brand managers the numeric back-up they need to make decisions. Sure, kicks ass, and several other companies do good work with small samples and good publicity, but the simple fact remains that because the landscape is new and changes so rapidly, we haven’t quite solved the puzzle of the social web and what it means, or costs, to be involved here.


Potential Employers Are Watching You

by · June 2, 2008

On Thursday of this week, Crystal Peterson, Doe-Anderson‘s senior vice-president for human resources, and I will give a talk to the Louisville Advertising Federation called, “I See Your Profile: Your Online Life Has Windows.” The talk is to illustrate to young advertising professionals that they should be participating in social media, but they should also be taking precautions to protect their personal reputation and ensure potential employers are turned off by Googling their name.


The Next MySpace Is: MySpace

by · May 5, 2008

I have a bone to pick with my social media and marketing brethren. Stop making fun of people because they’re on MySpace. It’s unbecoming and shows that you’re so overwhelmed with your own smarts that you’re stupid. It’s the same smugness some Mac users generate despite the fact their beloved, intuitive machines account for a whopping three percent of the personal computer market. If they’re so great, why don’t more people get it?


Social Classes And Social Networking

by · January 23, 2008

Class of 2006Lee Odden got me thinking. (I bet I’m not the first person to say that.)

Lee’s post and poll at Top Rank Blog Sunday offered up the latest usage statistics for MySpace and Facebook. MySpace is still top dog. According to Nielsen Online, it had 40 million more users than Facebook in December. Lee then offered the personal anecdote that he doesn’t log in to Facebook as often anymore. He posed the question, via the poll, “Are you still excited about using Facebook?”