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The Difference In Me and SME

by · December 3, 2012

Social Media Explorer is a growing enterprise. No, not in the, “We’ve got 10,000 employees,” sense of the word, but this blog-turned-business is doing quite well, I’m thankful to report.

I’ve had several conversations recently which insinuated that I am Social Media Explorer and, conversely, SME is me. If that were the case, it would have gone out of business a long time ago. I’m clever, but not that good. Heh.


Today’s Social Business (INFOGRAPHIC)

by · November 2, 2012

There is a lot of buzz about social business. Experts are creating models, defining solutions, developing processes and new methodologies like it is a new problem to be solved. Is it a new way to approach an old problem?

Michael Brito, SVP, Social Business at Edelman Digital presented on this topic, Beyond a Buzzword, at Explore in Orange County. He agrees that today’s society is constantly flooded with content. As ordinary people can embrace this new world of communication with no boundaries anyone can grow their own influence to impact businesses and governments. The “multi-screen economy” we currently live in is creating an attention deficit disorder to the digital marketer profession. We need to roll up our sleeves and get serious.


4 Rules for Today’s Social Business Journey

by · October 22, 2012

What is the meaning of life? That is a loaded question. It’s like asking, “What is social business?” Ask 20 people the same question, you will get 200 different answers. Like life, social business is a journey.

Day by day, we venture forward. We look for ways to be happier. Search for the tools that will make our tasks easier.  Learn from the experience of our own and from leaders who we respect. Leaders who are inventive, who have implemented processes, developed practices and travelled afar to tell us about their stories.


Social Media Explorer Merges With Full Frontal ROI To Form SME Digital

by · May 21, 2012

I’m proud to tell everyone that two of your regular writers here, me and Nichole Kelly, have decided to merge our companies to form a new digital marketing agency. It will be a division of Social Media Explorer called SME Digital. Nichole is now the president of our new effort to combine forces. We’d love to talk to you about how we can help your company with strategy and implementation of social media and digital marketing to produce measures that connect with the three things that matter: sales, revenue and cost.

For the official company word, visit our release on PitchEngine.


Understanding the ROI of Social Media

by · February 1, 2012

It’s the question that social media evangelists, speakers, consultants and practitioners begrudgingly have to answer. Sometimes, they have to or their jobs are in jeopardy. What is the ROI of social media. While I have my own perspective on that, there are many ideas and opinions on the issue. Part of what we plan to provide with our Explore events this year is a better understanding of the ROI question for all who attend.


HootSuite Releases Social Media Measurement White Paper

by · May 16, 2011

We are always excited when one of our team members does something awesome. Nichole Kelly, one of SME’s regular contributors and a social media measurement consultant, worked with HootSuite recently to create a white paper for them called, “An Introduction to Social Media Measurement.

It’s the first in a series of white papers Kelly is working on. In her typical, Full Frontal ROI style, Nichole cuts through the clutter of retweets and follower counts and focuses on measuring social media marketing efforts with financial goals and objectives in mind. The HootSuite paper includes how-to documents on getting metrics from its new Custom Social Analytics Reporting feature.