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Facebook Doesn’t Suck, Your Strategy And Attitude Does

by · April 16, 2014

Fellow marketers, quit crying about your organic reach suffering from Facebook’s ever-evolving (and predicted) shift to the pay-for-play sandbox. We all know Facebook is a public company with a fiduciary responsibility to earn profits. Boo hoo! We also know advertising costs are rising while organic results are falling.

We saw this day coming. But the fact is, advertising by promoting a post from your brand’s page remains reasonably priced. It’s very targeted, and it’s easy to set up. Don’t believe me? Spend $47 anywhere else to advertise and tell me if, for 65 cents a click, you reach nearly 15,000 targeted people as I did this past week for one of my clients. That’s an absurd return – OK, not absurd– but it’s pretty damn good for less than $50.


So You’re Thinking About Starting an Online Community?

by · February 5, 2014

I’m hearing more frequently these days about companies entertaining the thought of starting online communities, both internal and external facing. The reasons are varied, from wanting to connect employees in the case of an internal community, to wanting to connect with specific external target audiences in the case of external communities. As companies acknowledge the need to shift from transaction-based exchanges to relationship-based interactions, the interest in developing online communities as part of the shift will continue.


10 Tips to Maximize Event Coverage Via Video

by · July 25, 2012

As companies seek new opportunities to grow the value of event investments, live event reporting is emerging as an expert service that mashes up the virtues sought by traditional PR, SEO and advertising agencies. Video coverage is one way event professionals are promoting and amplifying event content.

Limiting event coverage to a video camera on a tripod that records or streams the event live may not bring the optimal outcome needed to grow the exposure of your event. To maximize the ROI for your next event, you can set the stage for success with live video streaming added to the mix of your live event coverage.


The Future Of Retail In 5 Words

by · June 6, 2012

Imagine that you are playing a movie of the history shopping in reverse. The film would start with someone checking out at Amazon. We would see people shopping at mass market retailers, then back to a time when malls were the rage, to the era when department stores ruled, to small town America’s general store, and eventually rewinding all the way back to the open air markets of ancient civilization.

The way people shop has changed over the years, but today’s changes are a threat to the very existence of bricks and mortar.  Online shopping gives consumers the opportunity to purchase anything they can think of through their phone or computer. Mobile scanning has turned stores into showrooms.


10 Things I Hate About You (As a Blogger)

by · May 17, 2011

You broke my heart. So you leave me no choice: I have to break up with you.

Don’t get me wrong; it was fun while it lasted. You were always making me smile with your clever headlines and funny captions. And I’ll never forget all the times you thoughtfully gave me advice.

I thought we were a match made in heaven. I thought we’d be together forever. But you ruined everything. You took advantage of me. You weren’t faithful. You shattered my heart.

And now I have to dump you.


Are Twitter Chats Part Of Your Social Media Strategy?

by · April 6, 2011

Each week I participate in multiple Twitter chats –#BlogChat, #Speakchat, #Edchat, and #LeadershipChat; every group offering something unique. Although the chats them­selves are quite stim­u­lat­ing, the more impor­tant thing to me has been the con­nec­tions and rela­tion­ships that have devel­oped as a result of my par­tic­i­pa­tion. These rela­tion­ships dis­play what is best about social media, new technologies and what can happen when like minded peo­ple who share com­mon pas­sions are able to work together regard­less of time and prox­im­ity.

Twitter chats can be invaluable to your social media success. There are literally dozens of scheduled chats that take place every week; chats on everything from strategy to design. There is something for everyone, and the benefits are immense.


Empowering Your Employees May Solve Your Content Problems

by · March 1, 2011

If you believe the directional flow of marketing has changed and you conclude you really do need to create branded media for your small to medium business, do you know where do you start? The task can seem pretty overwhelming. Is it a blog post, a video, a tweet, a Facebook post? The list seems endless, right?

Consensus is that you need a digital marketing strategy as you approach branded media, which is true. Expanding your digital footprint doesn’t happen without a plan and consistent action. But you also need to start to think differently about what your employees are doing each day.


26 Keys to Twitter Success

by · November 5, 2010

Have you ever wondered why some folks succeed on Twitter and others don’t? Rather than trying to convince individuals to give Twitter a whirl, I have had more luck just teaching them the lessons necessary for their success.

Here are a few key lessons that I share. Take a peek, and let me know what you are teaching to your community, business, or organization to ensure their success.

  1. Active – Many folks give up on Twitter way too early! Actively participating, even when you don’t fully get it, is the only way Twitter will make sense.This means being active both as a listener and as “Tweeter”.

The Future of Social Media Is Real

by · October 30, 2010

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from Ilana Rabinowitz, Vice-President of Marketing for Lion Brand Yarn Company.

I have a friend who is an investment advisor. In 2005, he was talking to the man painting his house. The painter told him that he was going start investing in real estate because so many people he knew had made money flipping houses. That was my friend’s economic indicator that the housing bubble was about to burst. At the time, people thought he was crazy. But, his point was, that when people who have no understanding or interest in something start to jump in just because everyone else is doing it, take note of a possible bubble.