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Your Content Needs to Shake It Up, Baby

by · January 9, 2013

No doubt you’ve seen those folks on street corners waving around signs and giant arrows attempting to entice you to patronize a nearby store. I have to believe they earn minimum wage. The job doesn’t demand a lot of skill. These human ads often have some shtick. Costumes are common. Maybe they wear a sandwich board or have a prop of some sort. It’s dreadfully dull stuff.


Search. Social. Mobile. Optimized!

by · June 29, 2012

Leading brands have matured beyond the search bar as they seek solutions to optimize their online presence. Today’s leaders are searching for solutions that reach customers and their behaviors using a more holistic approach to search, social and mobile marketing. To successfully position and grow brands online so that the investment of digital assets are reaching the level of awareness and sales necessary to compete in today’s digital era, we need to stop approaching online optimization as separate silos and consider the full life cycle of the customer’s journey.

Today’s silos include three types of optimization experts.


Online Marketing Tips from the Farmer’s Market

by · September 7, 2010

My wife and I have been attempting to hit the local farmer’s market every Sunday. Our intention is to eat healthier and support some local businesses. This last Sunday marked our second trip and being quite the “people watcher” I had a few observations that struck me as having similarities to how marketing on the web works. For instance, compare the throngs of people browsing the stands of fresh produce to the eb and flow of the world wide web. Many of the stands sold the same items as their competitors who were only feet (read: clicks) away. Vendors with more easily accessible product layouts, a wider variety of items and better prices were seconds away from any of the patrons.


If CMOs Are Unhappy With Digital, It’s Their Own Fault

by · April 21, 2009

Jason Falls

Jason Falls

According to an article in AdWeek and a survey conducted by recruiting firm Heidrick & Struggles, chief marketing officers are unhappy with their digital strategies. H&S polled 111 senior marketing executives at firms with $1 billion or more in annual revenues to come up with the “kinda sucks” prerogative. This essentially means they polled people who are used to spending a LOT of money on advertising who think the web space under-serves.

Apples to oranges.

Apples & Oranges - They Don't Compare
Image by TheBusyBrain via Flickr