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Overgram Offers Free Text-On-Photo App

by · November 21, 2012

For those who thought the text-on-photo application my friend and former SME product head Aaron Marshall built and launched last summer was cool, but should be free, now a version of it is!

Over, which retails in the Apple Store for $0.99 (as of Sunday, but has been $1.99 at one point), has a new, free cousin called Overgram. It’s specifically designed to invigorate Instagram users and help them add text and context, easily, to photos.

Social Media Explorer helped Marshall launch the original product and while we don’t have a direct stake in the company now, we love Aaron and the app, so we thought you’d like to know about Overgram.

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What A Little App That Could Means For Social Media Explorer

by · July 31, 2012

If you haven’t seen the new iPhone app Over, you really should. It’s the brainchild of Aaron Marshall, my business partner at Social Media Explorer. Yes, I’ve helped push it along and promote it to my networks, but technically I have nothing to do with its success.

In fact, Over has taken off so well that Aaron and I are parting ways so he can build more and focus on the app and its parent company, Potluck. It’s a bittersweet move for both of us … we’ve had a lot of fun building some neat things together at SME … but he has hit upon something that no friend in his right mind would hold him back from.