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Will Social Media As We Know It Be Enough?

by · March 21, 2013

I had the misfortune of being home sick last week and watched daytime T.V.  for the first time in years.  Barely able to change the channel, I watched a lot of commercials. What I noticed was a trend in focusing on personal service and hand-crafted products.

The Personal Touch Is More Important Than Ever

Commercials for the Discover Card had the message that when you call, a human being will answer the phone.  And that person will talk to you in a way that feels like you are being talked to by someone who is like you.  Over several different Discover ads, the main character was a completely different demographic, and in each one, the customer service rep on the other end of the line at Discover spoke in his or her accent, looked like the caller and completely understood the caller’s needs.


Employee Policies For Social Media Participation

by · March 7, 2008

Does your company support your participation in social media? Are you apprehensive about admitting you work there when you comment on blogs, participate in forums or list your workplace or contact information on social networks?

Employee AshesChances are those of you reading this blog have discussed your social media participation with your employers or you work for yourself, so the questions are more rhetorical than direct. But think about the millions of people out there who either choose to separate themselves from their professional life in online activities or are forced to do so.