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Social Media Risks Are Real, Not Managing Them is Irresponsible

by · January 3, 2013

For many companies the barrier to adopting social media or expanding their digital marketing strategy is risk. These are not small risks; these companies have come face to face with a reality that many of us can’t even fathom. Social media could literally destroy their companies, it could lead to huge regulatory fines, compliance issues and a variety of other issues that can put a choke hold on how many marketers would consider approaching a social media strategy. But the reality is that all risks can be managed if we look them straight in the eye.


Leveraging Social Media In Regulated Industries

by · May 15, 2009

Jason Falls

Jason Falls

Today I have the honor of presenting to SOMESSO, a social media for business conference in London, England. The event includes talks from some of the top thinkers in Internet and social media marketing for a one-day summit at Emirates Stadium near Highbury in North London. Being on the roster with the likes of Stowe Boyd, Marilyn Pratt of SAP, Merran Wrigley of Sony Ericsson Mobile, SocialText CEO Eugene Lee and Wesley Chan of Google Voice, among many other brilliant minds, is quite an honor.