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Strategies for Legally Generating and Monitoring Online Reviews

by · February 12, 2015

Businesses of all sizes and in all industries must embrace online reviews if they’re not doing so already.

Consumers are regularly crowdsourcing for the scoop on products and services, in particular reading online reviews. According to quarter three data from 2014, Yelp averaged 139 million monthly visitors.

And consumers are increasingly relying upon these reviews. According to Nielsen’s 2012 Global Trust in Advertising survey, featuring responses from more than 28,000 people globally, online consumer reviews are the second most-trusted form of advertising.

But the information contained in online reviews is often not factual or a business’s review page may simply not be representative of actual customer satisfaction – whether overly negative or even inflated positively.

Thus businesses cannot turn a blind eye to online reviews, as these reviews are often quite influential and can impact the success of any business, fair or not.

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People Try To Put Us d-Down, Talkin’ ’bout Your Reputation – Part 2

by · March 29, 2013

In Part 1 on this topic I wrote about why it’s so important that businesses of every size and type get on board with online reputation management.  I also discussed the importance of “listening” to what’s being said about your business online and pointed out a few tools that are available to help you do so.

Yes, starting your reputation management program by “listening” is important, but if you don’t take the time to understand what you’ve found and you don’t take appropriate and timely action, then listening is pretty much a waste of time.


People Try To Put Us d-Down, Talkin’ ’bout Your Reputation – Part 1

by · February 26, 2013

I’m sure that we all understand that our business’s (as well as our personal) reputation on the web is critical to our success and ability to prosper. In the prehistoric ’80s and ’90s, businesses and their brands pretty much controlled their own public image on the web by “pushing” out marketing and public relations communications to an interested public. Friends, those days are gone forever!

Today, it is incredibly easy for anyone to post positive or negative comments and reviews about you or your business online; and these posts by people like you and me can not only go viral very quickly, but can, and do, affect people’s behaviors.


Reputation Management and SEO Rankings [CARTOON]

by · February 15, 2013

Many companies try to rank on search engines for any and every keyword.  A #1 ranking on Google is not necessarily a good thing if you are ranking for terms that are not congruent with your target audience, or even worse, ranking high for negative keywords about your industry.


The Complicated Ethics of Reviews & Ratings

by · January 29, 2013

The single social necessity we all have as humans is not to have power, but to not be left powerless. This fundamental principle led pilgrims to new lands, colonists to organize governments and oppressed of all walks of life to rally against those holding the notion of powerlessness over them.

And so it comes to bear on the Internet. Protecting your reputation is an activity all people and organizations should participate in. Companies are especially keen to this practice because the liberation of publishing has led to the simple fact that anyone can post anything about anything online, regardless of motive or motivation, with little recourse in the offing. Sure, libel and slander online are still libel and slander, but there’s a whole lot of reputation-sensitive content that won’t fall under the guise of legal precedent.


Customer Service Goes Social With Groubal

by · February 11, 2011

There’s little question customer satisfaction and loyalty are inextricably intertwined. In our value-conscious, post-recession world, maintaining good relationships with existing customers is a business imperative for companies which hope to hold a measure of protection against price-driven competitive strategies.

We consumers may have high expectations, but we readily reward companies which hit the mark. Conversely, we often revile those which miss it.  And why not?  We’re talking about our hard-earned money here.


When It’s Smart To Be Stupid In Social Media

by · November 12, 2010

The professional lives under a terrible curse: they can never look stupid. Stupid is a death blow to the consultant, creative professional, marketer, or PR professional. Looking stupid ruins your credibility, loses business and gets you taken off all the lists that you want to be on. Stupid people are shunned, omitted from all the best gatherings and worst of all, they are ignored. Who would want to be stupid, especially in the “always on” public sphere of social media?

Here’s the really stupid thing about all of this, though: some people who look profoundly stupid turn out to be incredibly successful. And trust me, it’s not because of their incredible physical attributes. Well, not all of the time.


Brand Reputation Case Study: Network Solutions

by · December 8, 2008

When I started tinkering with the interwebs 10 years or so ago I, along with most others, dealt with Network Solutions for domain names. Over the years, the individual user like me never really heard much more from them. The company continued to grow and expand its offerings. When I began to approach the technology sector more regularly in my work life, I ran into them again. Instead of learning they were still the top-dog in the domain business and had done wonders to grow as a company, though, all I heard was they were front-running domains and pushing the bounds of what was accepted as ethical on the web.


Personal Branding And Reputation Management, The Topic And The Action

by · August 19, 2008

In June of this year, Crystal Peterson, Doe-Anderson‘s Sr. VP for Human Resources, and I presented a personal branding and online reputation management talk at the Louisville Advertising Federation‘s Young Professionals event. You can read about it here and see the slide show presentation here.

WFPL Logo - 89.3 FM Louisville Public RadioToday, that discussion continues and expands on WFPL, Louisville’s NPR affiliate and public radio station on the talk show, “State of Affairs.” I’ll join host Julie Kredens and two area attorneys, Jeff Calabrese and Michale Losavio, to cover the topic, “Employers, Privacy and Social Media.” I can’t imagine me and two lawyers going back and forth not being entertaining. In Louisville, you can hear us live at 11 a.m. ET/10 a.m. CT on 89.3 FM. You can also listen to the stream on WFPL’s website and access the archived podcast of the show on the site whenever you like, as well.